Tuesday, October 24, 2006


And while we're YouTubing, here's a really lovely song, again by friends of friends.

I'm so lucky. =)

It's a shame Honeybug are now back in Scotland, which explains the very appropriate KT Tunstall song.

Andy Zipf; earnestwhile singersongwriter plays Absinthe tonight

I met Andy Zipf a couple of months back as a friend of a friend while he was touring out to LA to record his new CD. He played Highlands Cafe and gave a brilliant show. Tonight he's at Absinthe Lounge. It's Tuesday night in Dallas. Carlin has Dada booked, White Rock Coffee has open mic, Standard and Pours has open mic, so... I'm drawing a blank as to other venues that have reasonable Tuesday nights. Or anything on Tuesday night.

Here's a YouTube of him playing. I hate this YouTube. It's crappy. He sounds nothing like this. OK, he might sound a little like this. But much, much better. Yup, he's that kind of singer/songwriter. Earnest, means his songs, serious.

At Highlands he played a good hour of not-quite-Christian, but you could hear the influences acoustic songs, then he broke into blues (I don't mean blues-y folk songs. I mean Blues) and he blew away the audience and beat his guitar into submission. I sat open-mouthed. And then he played something else from his album and the brilliant interlude was over. I was like, "where did THAT come from?" He should do more of that, and less of this YouTube stuff. But both are worth your time on a Tuesday evening. Absinthe Lounge 9pm in Southside Lamar. You should come.

I'll be there after I finish up a press gang-up on Red Monroe at their super-secret practice bar tonight.