Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunset in the 'hood

I love living near White Rock Lake. I see this on my way home. How amazing is that?

In Loving Memory

Occasionally I find my photos appearing in other works that I know nothing about. Sometimes it irritates me (just ask, OK?), but every now and then, I'm honored. This is very much the latter. Anyone know ProphLEET (Eric ....)? Tell him, "good job."

We miss you Carter.

Beauty and the beasties

Joette White was chosen as one of the most beautiful women in Dallas by D Magazine, and she's a neighborhood resident, so of course we had to do a story on her.

But her name was so... familiar. Dallas is small; six degrees of separation? I think not.

Joette's company had been my pet sitters for years, though we had never met, we had had plenty of phone conversations. If your four-legged family needs sitting, call Park Cities Pet Sitters; they're great.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

There is no bad pizza...

I've lived in East Dallas for ten years (gasp: 10!) and have never eaten at Angelo's Italian Grill. Today, BWR sent me there for a photo for the lovely Leslie Lee, our ad designer. Bernadette and Maria were lamenting their customers still keeping to NewYear's resolutions to save money and lose weight (i.e. not eat out at a pizza buffet for lunch), but Bernadette firmly believes, "they'll be back in February." She's right, you know.


Happy New (Working) Year

Happy new working year... actually my year begins in August, but a long break between 2008 and 2009 is appreciated. 2008 burned me out. Too much work, too many commitments. But that's a good thing, right? Right.

However, in 2009 -because now is the time to make resolutions- I will...
1. Plan.
2. Commit, and uncommit, because I overcommited in 2008.
3. Do: less thinking, more doing, as in, posting to this blog. Beginning now, I'm chronicling my projects and hobbies, and often, I'm sure, my foibles. Unintentionally, of course.

Just to get off the right foot, as of today, I work for BWR, SMU, and am a freelance editorial photographer shooting in Dallas, Texas. I love music, my job, and my life. I only occasionally shoot weddings, and if you ask I'll ask you to contact Carissa or Turk and request me. I want to shoot more food, architecture, and better portraits. I'm going to Santa Fe in March to study lighting with David Tejada. and now I have to plan, commit, and do, and will post about my projects after all that.