Saturday, December 30, 2006

The new New Frontiers

Formerly Stellamaris, The New Frontiers is touring with Manchester Orchestra. This will be their first Dallas show as a signed band. They and Red Monroe hit Sons o' Hermann January 12th.

more from the mouth of Method:

From: Method Entertainment
Subject: Friday Night Live (January 12th)
2006 was not a bad year for Method Entertainment. We put a couple of artists on a plane for a small tour in England. Created a successful 2 month weekly series at Club Dada called "Tribute Wednesdays". As well a monthly series called "Friday Night Live" at Sons Of Hermann Hall. 2007 is here and we have plenty of great events coming your way for your live music itch.
We are very proud to announce our first Friday Night Live event for this year. You will not be disappointed.
Formerly Stellamaris, The New Frontiers have been creating a serious buzz in the past few months. Since their release of The City Turns Everything Electric, in February of 2005. They have been hitting the road hard in the southern regions of the US. As a result, they have recently signed with an indie label called, The Militia Group. Which houses other great acts such as The Umbrellas and Manchester Orchestra.
Atlanta based Manchester Orchestra released their debut album, I'm Like A Virgin Losing A Child in 2006. Sending them on their way to be involved with prestigious music festivals such as, Lollapalooza and SXSW. Paste Magazine has also coined them as the band to watch for. They are currently on tour with The New Frontiers.
Red Monroe has accomplished more in 2006 than some of the well known local acts have in the past 5 - 10 years. These local boys have been placed on the nominating ballot for Best Alternative Album in the 2007 Grammys. Were chosen to be on the CMJ compilation CD. Were mentioned in SPIN Magazine and have released a very successful self titled album that has the media, bloggers and press wanting more.
The Quiet Company boys from Austin have been a favorite amongst local bands such as, The New Frontiers and Comrade. We here at Method Entertainment enjoy these guys so much we decided to share them with everyone in Dallas.
Tuesdays Debut is a 4 piece band out of Lake Charles, LA. They have been compared to such acts as Copeland, Minus the Bear, Ryan Adams and Dredg. With such a wide range of comparisons, its hard not to be somewhat intrigued by their rather enigmatic sound. They have recently released, Raise your Glass; We Are Armed and Jealous. Which is getting airplay on 17 stations across the US. We are happy to have them join the bill

Here is the Best Indie Line Up In Dallas for the Month of January!!!
Method Entertainment Presents:
"Friday Night Live"
Where: Sons Of Hermann Hall (3414 Elm @ Exposition)
Cover: $8 - $10
Doors: 8:00 PM
Show: 9:00 PM
11:00 - Red Monroe
We would like to thank you for support in the past, present and future. Our goal is to contribute to the rebuilding of Deep Ellum... One show at a time.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Denton Don't Dance

gratuitous Clint Piper photo opportunity

The Lord Henry
Millicent Friendly

be unDentonite. don't miss out.

Black and white and danced all over

You live in FW. You've been invited to hundreds of parties for NYE. You are far too hip for all of them. Where to go to be seen? Problem solved.

Now, go get pretty. Go on, you have only two days to shop. Find something glittery.

I loves Miss Cindy

and it's mutual. so sweet of her...
The Fine Line's Fav People
and she even picked a photo of me that I actually like.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Run, Sara, run!

Sara Radle @ Barley 06.05.05 015, photo by Lindsay Graham.

The lovely Sara Radle sent this. A little support for her cause, please...

This February, I will be running the Pacific Shoreline Half
Marathon... my first ever! Through this half-marathon, I'm
fundraising for Free Wheelchair Mission - an international non-profit
organization dedicated to providing the transforming gift of mobility
to the physically disabled poor in developing countries.

I am currently welcoming sponsors online through the following website:

You can make a donation by clicking one of the links next to the
picture on my page,

Thank you in advance for any support you can give!

$5 NYE? the only party cheaper would be staying home to watch Radiant!

Sunday - New Year's Eve - 2006 - Poor David's Pub - Carnivale!
Jayson Bales & The Revival
Blackheart Society
Art Show/Gallery with local artists*
Free Food, Free Champagne, and a view of the Dallas skyline
$15 cover or $25 per couple (easily the best deal in town)
Tickets onsale now at Frontgate Tickets
LOCAL MUSICIANS only $5 cover - email for reservations
Poor David's Pub is at 1313 S. Lamar down from Gilley's and across the street from
nationally acclaimed Amuse restaurant. (a great place to eat a gourmet meal before the show)
Club Doors at 8pm.

* I will have framed photos and prints for sale. Some Jayson Bales, some Blackheart Society, more of my favorites. Framed art $50, signed prints $25, prints $10.

Radiant* breakthrough? Finally!

My TiVO tells me this will air on 1/2 on Channel 8 on Jimmy Kimmel.
UPDATE: This will air 1/16 at 12am.

The info's sketchy, so better check that.

If you've at all delved into what I've written, you know how much I love Radiant*. I blame Levi Smith for getting me started on blogging and photographing the music scene. It is absolutely all his fault. And I couldn't be happier about that on most days. Radiant* showed me that good bands aren't necessarily on the radio (especally in Dallas) and that my favorite CD could be of undiscovered songs. I always thought that would change rather quickly for Levi, Dragan, Daniel, and now Jesse (still miss seeing Jon up there), but it didn't. They slogged out another two years still relatively unknown. It's not likely that only one appearance will catapult them to the big time, but geez, NYE on Jimmy Kimmel? That's not a bad way to try!

So, here's wishing my fav local band "Good Luck." I hope they will no longer be my fav LOCAL band, but a national headliner, as I've long thought they deserved. I'm hoping that someone will have Jimmy Kimmel on at Poor David's Pub on NYE.



Pontiac unveiled details for the brand's biggest music promotion ever - a nationwide musical talent search and contest. The promotion, "Countdown to 1" gave one unsigned band the opportunity to compete for the ultimate prize: the chance to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live and play on the Pontiac Garage Stage in New York's Times Square during the annual New Year's Eve celebration, where traditionally only the biggest bands have performed. Guess what… Radiant WON!!! Radiant was chosen by a panel of judges from Pontiac and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Radiant won the breakthrough booking of a lifetime - the chance to open for POD and My Chemical Romance in Times Square on New Year's Eve in front of a million people, as well as an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The performance will air on major networks across the Globe, not to mention every Jumbo Tron in Times Square on New Year's Eve.

As a bonus, Radiant is being followed by a camera crew from Dallas to NYC for a period of 6 days for a later spot that will air on Jimmy Kimmel Live the week of January 7th (TBA). During this time they will be recording in the famous Electric Lady Studios where Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and many more have recorded. Radiant will also make appearances on the National CBS Morning show Saturday December 30th, 2006 and Fox and Friends Morning show (TBA).

For More Information:

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

John Dufilho - My Circuits Are Blown

More greatness of 2006

Best of 2006 ... in so many ways. Happy New Year!

Lots of these songs I've been listening to for longer than 2006, so this is more a retrospective of "oh, yeah, that was finally released!" 2006 was definitely the year of the demo for me, as I had to look up most of the actual album titles for these.

My "most listened to" according to my iPod of 2006…

"Roscoe" Midlake The Trials Of Van Occupanther
I first heard "Roscoe" piled into Eric Pullido's little Mini, in the heat of July, sweating it with McK and the other Eric. I loved it from the first listen, and even bootlegged a copy with my iPod mic. It was an awful recording, but I still listened to it often as I waited for the final album to be released. Van Occupanther was worth the wait, and this song, or this album, is on everyone's Best of '06.

"Flowerparts" Bob Schneider Texas Music 2006 (The Californian)
Yup, I hightailed it to Wendy's when I heard they were giving away a CD of Texas music with a giant Dr. Pepper. The Hourly Radio's "Deaf Ears" is on it as well, and also should make my Best of 2006 list, but I heard that so often in 2005, it's a bit past prime for me. Burden Brothers, Rhett Miller, Sorta, Patrice Pike, and The Rocket Summer were also on the CD, so why didn't they just go ahead and call it "Dallas Music (and a Bit of the Rest of Texas) 2006"?

"We're All Going to Hell" Here, In Arms Soon We'll All Be Scattered
Brent Engle's producer sent me these demos back in August. I had to check that they had actually been released because I hadn't heard much of them. Why? Who knows? Let'hope that "marketing" isn't a dirty word to him and that Here in Arms gets on it a bit, soon.

"I Wonder Where You Are Tonight" Jayson Bales Cruel & Unusual
He wrote this in his car, on his Blackberry, between three stoplights. Or so he says. Bales is a legend of his own making, but I'm more than happy to contribute to the aura behind this guy. One day, we're gonna realize we "knew him when" and then be amazed that such a talent is in our midst. That, and he buys drinks. Love him!

"Nothing Left To Say" Sorta Strange And Sad But True
I gots lots to say about Sorta and Trey Johnson and it's all good. "All Good" - get it? LOL, local humor... Starting from the artwork on the cover and in the CD, this is a great album. Like the Midlake album, this recent Sorta album is a maturation of the band. Little Bay was good, but not this good.

"One Day At A Time" Johnny Lloyd Rollins Let's Be Poor Together
JLR's unique style, a fusion of classic pop and indie styling is simple, beautiful and enduring. He's another artist that is hard to believe is from Dallas. Our music scene produces such differing styles from Baboon to Midlake to Johnny; while Seattle in the 90's may have had Grunge, Dallas in the Aughties has more than just a sound name will cover.

"Loss of Love Says Hi" The Lord Henry Zoo Palace
The Lord Henry is known more for dance rock than introspective melodies, but the switch in producers midway through Zoo Palace changed the character of their first LP. "Loss" and my most-overplayed song I got in 2005, the lovely Beatles-esque "Jilina" are my favs on the 2006 CD. Clinton Piper will never be confused with John Lennon, but he certainly has more depth of soul than Julian Casablancas.

"Peppermint + Bitterness" Lousy Robot Smile Like You're Somewhere Else
I love Lousy! Lousy Robot. I've declared 2007 "the Year of the Robot." Watch these guys; Dandee, their dandy hubba-bubba-Indie-adorable bassist is the bearded dude strolling through the Albuquerque snow in the I Love Math video. Why is a bassist from a New Mexican band in a John Dufilho song's video? Because Lousy Robot is produced and engineered by Dufilho and Salim Nourallah. Does that mean that there's a video from Beautiful Noise and Jim Phillips somewhere on YouTube? I really, really hope so!

"Blue Mountain Air" Red Monroe Red Monroe
Red Monroe finally, finally stopped debating over which U2 album they liked best and struck out and made their own sound. If there has to be an Arcade Fire reference in some of their reviews, Walter Riley (a good friend of the band) and I know why. Now, when "Wilmington" actually makes it on an album - can the next one be a live acoustic?! - then, then I will be in heaven.

"Any Given Saturday" Spitfire Tumbleweeds King James Version
My fav Denton man, Scott Porter, is in this band. No, Scott Porter sings (growls, hoots, deep bass voice knocks your socks off) in this band. "Nuff said.

"Mason Jar" Zapruder Sequence Pretty Girl Charm Lies
Jordan Munn, the Binford boys, and the irrepressible Michael Karnowski make up the new Old 97s. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Rhett and Ken and those boys ought to be mighty proud. Zapruder is just plain good fun and great music. Though the band is splitting itself between Atlanta and Dallas right now, Pretty Girl Charm Lies has plenty to fill the gap.

"Josephine Street" I Love Math Getting to the Point is Beside It
So pretty, so John Dufilho, "Josephine" is my vote for the best of the Best of 2006.

The few songs I can't include here, because they will be released in 2007, that are coming down the pipe from Pleasantry Lane, BPL, Purple Pear, and Luminous Sound will make 2006 go on record as an exceptionally productive year. Next year, our listening will be brilliant!

How I spent my day after Xmas 2006

I have to say I had a very restful day after Christmas this year. I skipped out on cleaning up all the wrappings and leftovers and sauntered on over to a spa they like to call a "hospital." It's really quite the misnomer. I snuck out before the light of dawn and checked myself into this lovely place in Uptown. They gave me a pretty little gown (how quaint; it ties in the back. very nuevo!) then wrapped me up in warm blankets, let me sleep for hours and sent me home all wrapped up, with excellent drugs to boot (those haven't quite worn off yet). Here's a pic of their good work. The docter and nurses ("spa healers" I'd like to call them) were nice enough to fix up the bad work a distracted driver did to me this summer. They say that I will walk again someday. For now, I'll milk it for all it's worth. "Honey, more coffee, please!"

Please notice the "No" on the other leg.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Black Tie Billboard for the holidays

Black Tie Dynasty accomplished a major feat last week when 2 singles made the Billboard Magazine Hot 100 singles chart at the same time.

"I Like U" at #38
"Tender" at #76

Both songs along with their new Christmas song “Christmas Time” are currently in rotation at radio stations across the country, the band just wrapped up their East Coast / Mid West tour and rocked a sold out crowd last week at the KDGE Christmas Concert at Nokia Theater.

(Yes, it's news from Idol Records, and I'm thrilled, so I'm posting it!)

Friday, December 22, 2006

Hallelujah, manna from heaven!

What an amazing show. Go! Go!

This is the ultimate indie rock Christmas gift, from them to us.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Lousy video

Lousy Robot - The Mile Low Club

Lousy Robot is trying to get on TV. They will be on TV. If you vote for the video, they get to stay on TV. It's a bit dark for the computer screen, but it's minimal and cool. Check it and vote for it. The Robots thank you.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

It's not nearly over....

Still going strong, five bands in, there's still more to come. Though good things are happening in Dallas, there's still time to com eup to Hailey's and see Starlight Mints, Pleasant Grove, and more...

A Spune Christmas...

More photos very very soon.


And now the show is done, so click the Flash Flickr badge in the sidebar to see all the photos from the Spune Christmas of 2006. Merry, merry.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Spune-ing for Xmas

Today... 12/7... Denton... Hailey's... 4pm
Red Monroe
Record Hop
Pleasant Grove
Starlight Mints
and more...

Red Monroe almost won a Grammy (nomination), that's good enough to show up early in Denton.
Your holiday season begins today.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

May SQH's days be merry and BRIGHT!

And now I'm reposting things from other people's blog comments, and that's just plain sad. But this is worth knowing, and worth contributing to, so hop on by the Secret Headquarters Denton MySpace and make 'em merry and warm. And the CD they are offering is worth a PayPal dime or two. (I think they mean Denton "Cohesion" despite their typing dyslexia.)


Hey, here's a message from Secret Headquarters in Denton that is, like, TOTALLY on topic!

Yes, YOU can be a hero. You know how we at SHQ are in the habit of opening our doors three times a week to you for FREE so you can have fun and act weird? Well, it turns out the electric company doesn't take "being laid back" as payment.

It would be VERY kind of you, and we would appreciate you so much, if you could swing by our myspace to donate a buck or five or twenty. There's a paypal link on the LEFT of the main page. Seriously. It's not hard, and it would help an artistic community kep providing you with CHEAP/FREE entertainment and "stuff".

Please check out our calender while you are over there. We have some CRAZY good shows coming up.

BONUS: If you donate today, we'll give you a FREE Denton Chesion Holiday CD featuring both the profane and sacred sounds of jetscreamer, shiny around the edges, pinebox serenade and PLENTY of others...

So... Thanks! and remember... I'm actually sort of begging here, because they's gonna turn our shit OFF!!!!!!!!!

Love you,

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

5 posts about last weekend: #1 ArtCon2 setup

ArtCon2 120106 003
Originally uploaded by Kate Mackley.

1. Thursday... Art Conspiracy 2 setup
8:30am and it's sleeting and wintry and I'm not yet awake, and White Rock Coffee has the best pumpkin spice latte in Dallas. Driving past SouthSide Lamar, under dripping bridges into unknown territory, I haul shopping bags of sticky magnets, scissors, and giant contact sheets of photos into the barn of the unheated Longhorn Ballroom. ugh. There's a reason I'm no longer a Northerner, and it's winter. I shiver uncontrollably when it's below fifty out; below 30 is misery. Below 30 and raining? ugh. But seriously, the roads were fine. I'm enough of a Yankee not to be able to bitch about a few icy potholes. My latte and stuff in place, I got to cutting and cutting and cutting my photo collage together. Thanks to Erica Felicella's girl scout preparedness with materials, I actually finished my piece in close to the allotted three hours. OK, it took five, but I chatted some. To warm up. (D- your Creative Memories comments were little appreciated.) Frank Campagna was in and out in twenty minutes (ugh. I'm freezing here!); Jayme Nourallah sitting on cold, bare concrete was dedication in action; Sarah Jane ran about mumbling about breakers, and Erica, Cari, Andrea, and Jason were flitting, getting it all in order and to keep warm, I'm sure. By 1pm, the organizers no longer outnumbered the artists, and I left with the uncomfortable feeling I could have made my piece better, or at least differently. I have lots of ideas for next year, anyway. I couldn't have cut another square; the blisters would have bled.

5 posts about last weekend: #2 ArtCon2 event

ArtCon2 120106 070
Originally uploaded by Kate Mackley.

2. Friday... ArtCon show
The Longhorn Ballroom's not hard to find. Head past the warehouses and train tracks on Industrial and look for a 50-foot fiberglass bull, with horns long enough to skewer a semi. The U-Haul demolished entry hauled away, it was easier to figure out where in the Disney-land Country kitsch fa├žade of the Ballroom was the entrance to ArtCon. That and all the seriously out-of-place hipsters filing in the door. Wagon wheels and magenta hair just don't mesh.
The room is giant, football-field big. My piece wasn't where I left it, and thankfully it had sold before I even arrived. I wouldn't have done well watching the auction. Thank you Andrea, for buying it. It's so cool that it'll hang in the house of a friend. That keeps it within "the family", which is the pervading feeling of ArtCon… a family of the Dallas art community. The art ran the gamut of student and amateur (um, that's me) produced to the polished professional of artists such as Cabe Booth, Jennifer Morgan, and Jeff Stachowski. Bids may begin at $20, but the art is far more valuable than that, both in materials and in sentiment. That Art Conspiracy raised only $9000 proves that it ain't about the money, though all of that goes directly back to the art community supporting the event in sponsorship of La Reunion. A friend took a good long look around the room and said, "I had no idea. No idea that there were so many creative people in Dallas." Join the family.

More Art Conspiracy 1 & 2 photos here.

5 posts about last weekend: #3: The Chem Set and Valentines at Sons

3. Friday later... The Cavern
ArtCon finished early, around 11pm after the pinnacle of Salim Nourallah's set. I was going to head out early, but the thought of missing The Polaroids – Salim's all-star team of Daniel Hopkins, Chris Holt, Eric Neal, and Chris Carmicheal – would have been a crime. They don't get to play together that often, considering how many musical projects the players work in separately.
But after the great show I wasn't ready for bed, and at 11pm, it was late to head over to Barley to see Jayson Bales (I think my penchant for his non-twanging roots is abundantly clear) and the Transcenders, so I managed to get thoroughly lost in downtown and just barely make The Chemistry Set's set at The Cavern. Plus The Valentines were playing, and I'd been a fan of that band since their interview killed Not actually because they ended Robert and Lindsay's drunken opining; I love any band with that much energy and talent. I'm dying for a Valentines CD, but after a break-in at their Houston producer's studio (serves you damned right for recording in Houston: two words... "Stuart" "Sikes"… I have other words if those don't fit… call me) and the loss of the masters, I guess I have to wait a bit longer. Their merch table was conspicuously empty at The Cavern.

So, Chem Set and Valentines; John Solis at Method Entertainment is a booker I can happily support. Solis has got an ear for talent. Method, Callithump, Listening To:, the stellar Spune … we have it good in Dallas… great people putting on great shows. The Chemistry Set blow me away each time I see them, they are solid, and when they get pushed a little, such as with a crowd-required encore on Friday night, Stephen Duncan goes ballistic on his guitar and gets his rawk on.

More Chem Set photos here.
More Valentines photos here.

5 posts about last weekend: #4 Tony Bones benefit at Kettle

4. Saturday... Tony Bones benefit show at Kettle Arts
So, you know a kid, and he's a little unruly at school, drawing all over the desks and stuff, then he gets to be a rebellious teenager and he's tagging walls and doors with his alias and some stick-figures. What's a good Dallasite to do? Throw him in jail! Ban him from leaving the city! (huh? OK, that punishment makes zero sense to me… you're a miscreant, therefore we don't want you to leave. Uh, all riiiighttt…) DPS catches the thug in a city-wide round-up and then slaps community service on him! Good for you: go make him beautify something, by painting it with his art! What? Well, despite Dallas' well-meaning but contradictory justice system, Tony Bones is a semi-free man today. And we're so glad of it. I love that he can't leave. Please stay. I have a wall on my house you can "tag", in fact, you're welcome to my fridge, garage door, sidewalk, whatever. Please, please. And thanks… especially to your mom, for buying my photo. That made my night (week, month).

More photos here.

5 posts about last weekend: #5 Reunion Tower Review at Sons

5. Saturday later... Reunion Tower Review.
Two art pieces sold in two days and I was walking on air, trying to get to Sons of Hermann Hall (read more about Sons here) before the night of the musicians I've affectionately tagged "the Barley crowd" is over. Why Barley? Because on any given night – weeknight, weekend, holiday, afternoon, just kidding – you can find at least one of them hanging the Barley House if they aren't actually playing a set there. Carter Albrecht, Salim Nourallah, Jen Nabb, Trey Johnson, Chris Holt, Don Cento, Danny Balis, Solly, Peter Schmidt, Kim Pendleton, the Shibboleth guys and an amazing bluesman Bobby Patterson play Sons in a musical songswap/cover greatness show. Chris Holt and Jen Nabb cover Meatloaf in the best of the night; man, that was brilliant. I missed the earlier Shibboleth goodness that Robert Wilonsky raves about… and posts. Hal Samples took photos. Other friends hang. Lovely, lovely and I just soaked in it all. I love the music scene… look in the sidebar of this blog for the photos. It's good to be here, with friends.

More photos here.

Monday, December 04, 2006


Yes, it's a repost from the Zac Crain for Mayor MySpace, BUT this double CD is worth noting because it's so amazingly great. There aren't adjectives enough to gush about it. When we can buy it, I'll link to it again, but for right now, we just have to chomp at the bit and wait.


ZfM Benefit CD coming soon! Plus: December happenings

With any luck, we'll have the Zac Crain for Mayor benefit CD in stores and online by the end of the month. It will truly be a win-win for all involved -- you get 32 great tracks for a reasonable price; I get some financial support as I take on a heaping handful of candidates with pockets deeper than Barry White's voice.

To whet your appetite, here is the approximate track list. Might be a mistake or two as far as the sequence.

Disc 1
1. Fishboy, "The Ballad of Zac Crain"
2. The Crash That Took Me, "Julianne" (this is Dylan Silvers and Beau Wagener from [DARYL] plus others.)
3. Philip E. Karnats, "When the Stereo Broke Its Back"
4. Pleasant Grove, "Luzern"
5. Centro-matic, "Atlanta"
6. The Paper Chase, "Oh! The Horror! The Horror!"
7. Pikahsso, "God for a Day"
8. Shanghai 5, "Love is a Racket"
9. Here, In Arms, "Darling"
10. Smile Smile, "Taking its Toll"
11. Sorta, "Grown Man"
12. I Love Math, "These Paper Walls"
13. The Dutch Treats, "My Bionic Hand"
14. Dove Hunter, "What Turns Inside"
15. Red Monroe, "Our Love"
16. Tim DeLaughter, "Winter Wonder Slumber" (aka "of the Polyphonic Spree")

Disc 2
1. Shibboleth, "Pokky Pokky"
2. Ben Kweller, "Magic"
3. American Werewolf Academy, "Summer Ship"
4. Rhett Miller, "She Loves the Sunset"
5. Voot Cha Index, "Japan"
6. J.D. Whittenburg, "The Secrets That I Keep"
7. Radiant*, "That Girl"
8. Salim Nourallah, "It's My Dream"
9. Hydroponic Sound System, "Lone Star Uprising"
10. John Dufilho with Robert Schneider (of Apples in Stereo), "I'm Jinxed"
11. Saboteur, "Bitchin' Into Oblivion"
12. Pilotdrift, " know the world is wonderful" (ooooo ... new Pilotdrift!)
13. Olospo, "You Deserve Better"
14. Rose County Fair, "Midnight on the M Streets"
15. Hardin Sweaty and the Ready to Go, "The Fall"
16. Dave Little, "Zac Crain Ain't No Laura Miller"

We're hoping to have them ready for the benefit gig at Club Dada on December 30, a bill that features Sorta, The Crash That Took Me, an acoustic set from The Paper Chase, and Hardin Sweaty and the Ready to Go. Be on the lookout for an advance preview of selected tracks from the disc in the extremely near future. (this is a FUN bill. Forget New Years Eve - go to this!)

For more December happenings, go here. And, as always, remember to vote on May 12, 2007.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Hourly Radio @ CD World

The Hourly Radio will be playing an instore/acoustic-ish thing on Saturday @ CD WORLD in Addison... but they say they don't really know how to play their songs on acoustic so it will be interesting... 3:30pm w/STITCH! MC. Then catch them at Gypsy on 12/16 with Baboon before they hit the road for "basically all of 2007." Baboon and Hourly? A great combo, but Hourly acoustic? Heh, that I gotta hear; the Dallas Brit-pop rockers acoustic are a bit like seeing The Killers acoustic... not their usual sound. Having been nearly constantly on tour the last six months has given them tons of experience and it's bound to show on Saturday. Listen for good things to happen to these guys beyond the borders of Texas in the near future. Then, like the Secret Machines, we can say we knew 'em when.

The Hourly Radio
at CD World in Addison
5000 Belt Line Rd # 310, Dallas, 75254

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ian Moore returns to Bend

Ian Moore was the first musician to play at Ally David's Bend Studio. You can thank him for kicking off his shoes and kicking off the wonderful listening room that is Bend. Yoga and Ian Moore and patchouli combine so well. Don't forget your best red wine, and be sure to get a seat down front. I can't make it because I'm committed elsewhere, so please, tell him Kate says "hi!"

the brilliant Ian Moore
at Bend Studio
Dec 1st, doors 7:30pm
$20, corking fee $3. Bring $$ for the live recording. You'll want to remember this show.

My original interview with Ian Moore at Bend during his first performance. Go read.

Too busy to write my own post

But, then, Sarah Jane Semrad does a very nice job of stating the facts...
see you there. My contribution? Let's just say, it's quite magnetic.

The Art Conspiracy at the Longhorn Ballroom
150 (170!) artists // 5 bands // 1 very large fiberglass longhorn

On November 30, 2006, one-hundred fifty+ artists will descend upon
the legendary Longhorn Ballroom, located at 216 Corinth @ Industrial
to create one-of-a-kind artworks, all based upon 18inx18in plywood squares.

~On Friday, December 1, 2006 at 7:00PM, the doors finally open to the public~.
$10.00 per person admission at the door.

~Art for sale between band sets by donation system only~
Minimum $20.00 requested donation for artwork. Cash or check only.
Mediators available to handle on-the-spot auctions and drama.

Live music provided by
The Happy Bullets
Spitfire Tumbleweeds (click the link, just to see the art. beautyous!)
Peter Schmidt and His Gentleman Scholars
Salim Nourallah

between sets and before the show: John Holiday and Dj Stephen R!!
video installation by Edward Ruiz, Robert Moreno, Robert McCollum, and Kris Youmans

Free, secure parking available and most importantly,
All proceeds will be donated to the La Reunion, a non-profit artist residency program forming in Oak Cliff.

see you there?!
Jason Roberts
Andrea Roberts
Cari Weinberg
Tim Ruble
Shea Wood
Courtney Miles
Josh McKibben
Rhett Jones
Sarah Jane Semrad
and me, Kate!

*awesome painting above by cathey miller*

No Bones about it

A large print of a photograph of Annie Benjamin (Glitter Horn, Rocket Girl) will be offered for sale in the ONE day Kettle Art show benefitting artist Tony Bones on 12/2/06. Tony Bones (aka Soler, aka Goya) has legal fees and fines because he is a tagger and street artist. Dallas is a more vibrant city because his work pops up in unexpected locations (like Lake Highlands). Please support a fellow artist and come to the show...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

If there were 3 of me... I would be at....

About once a month, there is a Saturday that is packed with too many good shows. December 15th is that kind of day. Here are my RIYLs for not staying home and watching TiVO yet again. It's repeat season, get out and be merry.

The Lord Henry at The Cavern (pretty people dance rock)
Jayson Bales at Barley House (great guys Americana)
Millicent Friendly at Sons of Hermann Hall (straight up rock your socks)

Go see/hear/cheer.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Welcome, Derringer!

I met Jeremy Owens on New Years Eve 2004. He is good friends with Pilotdrift, and had made the trip from Nashville to see them at Good Records' instore and then later at Trees. His voice is on my recording of their interview that night backstage, as they prepared for the show. He's an amazing guy, a study in contrasts, and a heart bigger than his frame. He says he has a "golden retriever personality"; truer words were never spoken. He has done A&R for a small label, written for Revelant Magazine, and he also writes a wonderful New Music newsletter which he sends to friends. I think he needs to have a wider audience. I met Mute Math and Athlete because of his insistance. I would know about many more up and coming bands if I had the patience (of a saint) as he does to comb through the hundreds of MySpace pages as he does, but I don't, so I let his newsletter keep me informed. Now you can, as well.

Welcome Derringer!


A BIG HELLO! to all of my music loving/music industry readers,
Please grab a cup of something warm... hot tea, coffee, etc... and cuddle into some exciting new music.... this is a bit long due to lots of news, but it's all rewarding...I promise....

First off, I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who read this!! You read about and check out the artists I pass your way, and respond with constant enthusiasm and encouragement to keep trucking on because you appreciate the passion and quality that I strive to send your way every time. This is TRULY PASSION at its rawest state... do you know how many mornings I go into work drained from staying up at night to keep up with all the influx of band requests on MySpace, to listen to all the upcoming samples I can find on current bands with new albums? It's all in order to be at the forefront with the hottest news and the hottest bands. The idea is that I siphon thru all the crap and give you only THE BEST so you don't have to... I get NO PAY for this... it's how serious I am about it. I wouldn't have it ANY OTHER WAY! Of course, sometimes I rely on other music sources as well... great sites like Pitchfork whom I don't always agree with, but I do always think are on top of the hottest news and such....and do a damn fine job with the setup of their will find a link to a marching band covering Radiohead below and it's all thanks to Pitchfork...

It's been almost three years now since I took a risk with some email addresses I came across in the music industry in Nashville and did a STUPID, STUPID thing of sending out *cough* some very informal music newsletters (i.e. Spam, although it wasn't computer generated, it was sent out by me personally and still is) as a test to see if I would get tons of hate mail saying, "I hate getting this stuff, stop it, please" or if in fact, I would get positive feedback...well, the latter happened... and those first few were based around that little UK band that could named ATHLETE ... and now look at those terrific, talented guys... on the brink of album number three in the new year (I've got good word from two prominent sources that I'm gonna freak over the new dare they tease me in such ways...I fidget daily with anticipation for the pre-release). My readership grows by the day and it just thrills me to continue this journey. As always, if any of you ever get tired of getting this, please DO NOT hesitate to tell me to remove you... I will do so ASAP... on the other hand, if you LOVE getting this, then please pass it on to friends and help these deserving artists get their music out there.....okay enough of that... let's get on to the news... as I said before, you might want to grab a cup of coffee cause there is alot to catch up on and I'll try to make these brief...

This week's SPOTLIGHT album to potentially spend your money on... (and oh my god, it's a major label release *GASP*)
BRAND NEW - THE DEVIL AND GOD ARE RAGING INSIDE ME I've yet to hear the whole thing because MySpace player is crapping out on me a ton, but what few songs I've made it thru are ABSOLUTELY STRIKING! This is the soundtrack to my life in many ways... it is a masterpiece that seemingly pins down into one album the struggles of an individual who grew up in a background of religion and church and such and growing out of following what you were always told and striking out to find and establish what the "truth" really is.... the rock is MASSIVE... the delivery is not conventional or's personal and universal all at once... this is the album that will take BRAND NEW to a stunning new level!!!!!!

This week's CHRISTMAS album to beat ALL Christmas albums:
Okay, yeah, you are thinking Sufjan... but it's not. Whereas, I have my copy of Sufjan's Christmas album on its way to my mailbox and hopeto enjoy it... the album I'm REALLY looking forward to wearing out this holiday season is OVER THE RHINE'S second holiday offering...this time it is ALL original tunes and strikingly so... it is very simple yet still wondrous.... Karin stands head and shoulders over many female artists to rank as my favorite EVER... she is so versatile and so in tune with the emotion of each song she delivers... she becomes the character, she becomes the lyric... and Linford is a hero of mine both in poetry and in songwriter...SNOW ANGELS is the new album and you should definitely PRE-ORDER it here today...
Now on to more music bullets.... Derringer stands with his gun at the ready... aim... FIRE!

1) AIR (arguably my favorite band in the world) is releasing a NEWALBUM in the NEW YEAR! Can 2007 get any better? (Athlete, Air, and dammit, Travis, please get that new one to us soon as well) It is produced by Nigel "I gravel at your feet" Godrich. It features some Japanese instrument dabbling and more... It launches sometime early in2007 and they will tour US in May (I WILL finally see them live for the first time even if I have to pay out the wazoo...haha)

2) Johnny Lloyd Rollins - *he's posted new songs!*The first artist signed to my Derringer Record label... wait no, the artist that WOULD be my first signee IF I owned a record label is poised to make a huge splash by 2007. Meetings are happening with majors, and majors are showing serious interest. I predict a massive bidding war and the one who lands the deal with him WILL NOT BE SORRY! Mark my words. His album is getting NOTHING BUT GLOWING and FLAWLESS reviews from the gradual influx of music websites and magazines. Still no release date for LET'S BE POOR TOGETHER but you can guarantee when it does hit... it's gonna break some records... it's AMAZING...Johnny has just been featured singing a ditty on a hilarious new commercial for COMCAST... check it out here...

3) Derek James - Speaking of commercials... Derek James and I have been getting many emails in response to a bit that was running on the Travel featured his song Smoky Light and had his name and song listed in corner of commercial...thus leading to an influx of emails saying "I remember you writing about Derek way back when...I saw him on a commercial tonight...Loved his song!!" Derek is working on putting together a new EP with some massive hit potential... many of the song she has been performing to tremendous response at live shows and he needs to get on cd due to hot demand... "Like A Woman" is a destined hit and I can already see it landing on a female targeted commercial or two in the future as well... Additionally, Derek has been really encouraging about some of my own music ideas lately and is showing an interest in working together on some things which I truly look forward to. His commercial is here...

4) Some AMAZING new videos are currently out that DEMAND YOUR ATTENTION...namely BOMBS by Faithless. It is a song of huge emotional impact with lyrical fire that torches the soul and comforts it all at once. It is alternately inspiring and convicting. The video enhances the impact with contrasting images that are creatively woven together and it is an experience that will pin you to your chair... it is best viewed at this link but if your computer does not handle that one...then you can always rely on the YouTube link... Both song and video have landed on my ongoing BEST OF 2007 LIST on my own MySpace page Additionally, THE FORMAT have given us a unique and very low budget gem of a video for the glorious tune, DOG PROBLEMS go here ...

5) Radiohead covered by University of Arizona marching band! This was featured on Pitchfork Media and this is AWESOME!!!!

6) New artists worth keeping your hawk eyes on...
a) Meiko - The girl can sing... amazing vocal... if she can keep pumping out songs as loveable as PIANO SONG and the others...she's gonna do REAL well...
b) Walter Meego - THANK YOU INSOUND for my new addiction and what is currently ranking as my favorite tune of the year... I am listening to this as Hot Chip likes to say "over and over".... I am eager to buy an album and see them live... this group makes the wonderful Hot Chip sound weak.... hahaha... and HC is NOT weak at all, but Walter Meego brings the catchiness and infectiousness in waves...I became an immediate fan!
c) Sparrow House (aka keyboardist from VOXTROT) I am pleased to announce that the keyboardist from VOXTROT has delivered a gorgeous debut EP under the moniker, Sparrow House. It isa quiet gentle work but with plenty of melodic intrigue and lyrical grabbing to keep the listener interested. (And if you haven't heard the new Voxtrot EP then you should and DEFINATELY listen to the spectacular track, is my new favorite autumn song)
d) EDDYFINK I sent out an email previously about these stunning rockers that are just getting warmed up for the major leagues. If you haven't listened to them yet, please do so...I'm convinced that between the amazing musicianship and the masterful wordplay along with the arc and range of vocal inside the sexy lead singer, Andy Pisanu, this band isTHE next big UK phenomenon. If I were to label them, I'd have to officiate a new genre.. "Corkscrew Rock"... you'll never expect the places they take you...
e) FELL CITY GIRL New UK band worth watching... I'm especially keen on their song, February Snow... though the other tunes on their MySpace fail to equal that stunner of a tune, I think they are capable of more grandeur...

7) Existing artists/bands that I've finally arrived at on my musical map (and shamefully, WAY too late)
a) THE BOXER REBELLION I'm tuned into this band thanks to Andy of Eddyfink... WHY IS THIS BAND STILL STRUGGLING? they should be massive... check out tunes like WATERMELLON and WORLD WITHOUT END... and you'll understand why...
b) Ron Sexsmith and Martha Wainwright.... shame on me for waiting so long to dive into these AMAZING artists... thanks again to Andy for pushing me into their pools of perfection... I was walking the streets of New York with rivers coming out my eyes due to Sexsmith's "God Loves Everyone" and "Gold In Them Hills"....
and FINALLY... If you have stuck with me and gotten this far... THANK YOU!!!
My best friend/buddy, Stukenberg, has been busy working on a some material for what will be his debut album... He moved to be back around his family and girlfriend in Wisconsin about the time that I moved to New York and I miss him like crazy... but his move, like mine, has proven fruitful and successful as he is working at a small upstart label there in his area and the label is SUPER EXCITED to help him with his debut...He has posted two new demos which are striking in their potential..."Senses" and especially "Don't Mind" which gushes out of the gate with the spunk of an early firestorming Billy Joel... yes, they still need a little polish but Stuk assures that these are only demos and they are enough to get me excited.... hope you enjoy!

I want to give a shout out to INSOUND... they are an online store where I've begun buying all my cds ... they offer reasonable prices and much like my favorite indie store in Nashville, Grimeys...they are GREAT about offering EXTRA goodies with purchases that you wouldn't get at major retail outlets.... plus they send outMP3's every week from the hottest up and comers in indie music...thus how I heard my latest obsession WALTER MEEGO... so if you want to make shopping easier... go to their page... and NO, this NOT a plugging of them because they want me to... I am not getting any kickback or anything... it's a personal recommendation that I feel compelled to let the world in on...

Be sure and vote for the PLUG Indie Awards here... and in the blank at the end where it asks who is criminally missing from the nominations...I'm trying to stir up a revolution and get people to put THE FORMAT... they are a deserving band who have kicked back from getting dropped from the MAJORS and produced an AMAZING album that should be recognized and awarded by the Indie community... it is the only Indie album in my running BEST OF 2007 LIST that is missing from the nominations....
For all the latest personal blogging updates and indie artists I find worth shouting about... always visit my MySpace page... you are ALWAYS welcome to the state of Derringer and it's visiting station... found here.... , but if you are a reader of this, then thou shalt NOT FEAR because you will ALWAYS get the same quality updates here too... and maybe more....

As a bonus for being a reader, I want to forward all of you something special that came into my email inbox via the masterful music blogger and online radio guy, GORILLA VS BEAR...the back story is in the email... READ IT... it's very interesting and then listen to the song... you will love it... I PROMISE....


hugs from the state of DERRINGER,

Friday, November 17, 2006

Chicken-Fried Doug Burr

When I first moved to Texas from granola-crunchy California, I was convinced that all the "native" food was the same color of brown and covered in sauce. Gravy, BBQ, White... no matter, whatever it was, if it wasn't sliced, diced and fried into oblivion, it wasn't Texan. I've since developed a taste for grease. This isn't a good thing, but yum. Anywhoo, All Good Cafe's version is really good, though warning!: if you're a vegan, don't click the link. You'll find it ghastly, graphicly chicken-fried. Now that you're hankering for that batter, head on over tomorrow and line your tummy before a night of Shiner. To coat it, ya know.

The wonderful, brilliant Doug Burr performs
with Crushed Stars
and solo Sarah Jaffe of Tomahawk Molly.

All Good Cafe
2934 Main Street, Deep Ellum.
All ages. Cover $5.
Chicken-Fried Steak $10.99

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Honey, I'm gonna miss ya like terrible

go read.


Lousy Robot ready for TV

Lousy Robot is a fav band of mine, and a bunch of really good guys. They're from New Mexico and they come through Dallas often. I met them ages ago at the Doublewide. Next time they are here, I want them to play with the Deathray Davies. Goes well together, ya know?

Lousy Robot - The Mile Low Club

Follow the link and click the green "Put it on TV" button to vote for their video "Mile Low Club."

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

And the winner is...

There are really great CDs and names on here... but I'd just like to point out TWO of these to you. TWO from dDFW. TWO of your neighbors. Out of the whole world, we get TWO. Congrats!!

49th GRAMMY Entry List
Best Alternative Music Album, Vocal or Instrumental.

1. APOLLO SUNSHINE Apollo Sunshine
2. PEREGRINE The Appleseed Cast
5. DOWN IN ALBION Babyshambles
7. BE YOUR OWN PET Be Your Own Pet
8. THE LIFE PURSUIT Belle And Sebastian
9. BRIGHTBLACK MORNING LIGHT Brightblack Morning Light
10. DERDANG DERDANG Archie Bronson Outfit
11. YOU IN REVERSE Built To Spill
13. OF WHALES AND WOE Les Claypool
14. AVATAR Comets On Fire
18. WATERLOO TO ANYWHERE Dirty Pretty Things
20. YES, VIRGINIA... The Dresden Dolls
21. JOHN DUFILHO John Dufilho
22. THE BACK ROOM Editors
23. ELECTROPOLIS Electropolis
24. AT WAR WITH THE MYSTICS The Flaming Lips
25. TWO THOUSAND French Kicks
26. NEWS AND TRIBUTES The Futureheads
28. ST. ELSEWHERE Gnarls Barkley
30. THE EXCHANGE SESSION VOL. 2 Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid
31. EMPIRE Kasabian
32. TING Seth Kauffman
33. ...UNTIL WE FELT RED Kaki King
34. PENTAGON Mat Maneri
35. AMPUTECHTURE The Mars Volta
38. FROM A COMPOUND EYE Robert Pollard
40. RED MONROE Red Monroe
42. DIGITS Neil Rolnick
44. THE LOON Tapes 'n Tapes
47. SHOW YOUR BONES Yeah Yeah Yeahs
48. THE ERASER Thom Yorke

© NARAS 2006

Sunday, November 12, 2006

JB & CA @ Bend photos

Jayson Bales and Carter Albrecht gave a wonderful performance at Bend. You can buy the CD of the show from Bend, and I highly recommend it. $20 and you'll get unreleased tracks from both musicians and some wry humor. Buy photos from me on my website. gracias.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


ugh. It's just past Halloween. It's not even Thanksgiving yet. There should be a law against playing Christmas carols in stores before November 27th. Let's focus on being thankful first. Then we can polish up the chimneys.

But some things just can't wait. And this is one of them! Spread a little holiday cheer because, along with buying my Halloween eggnog (I kid you not), I've also signed up to do the "Rockstar Photography" (Mr. Yocom's phrase, not mine, though I protested very, very little) for A Spune Christmas.

Red Monroe! Record Hop! Baboon! Pleasant Grove! and some other bands that ought to be OK. heh. Starlight Mints. dude. He booked Starlight Mints. I'm so there.

so, Merry Xmas, and to all a good Dec 9th. Don't miss it.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Show to go ... Jayson Bales and Carter Albrecht at Bend Studio 11/10

Jayson Bales (see review below) and Carter Albrecht will play tomorrow at Bend Studio. If reading that doesn't make your toes tingle, then you haven't spent much time at the Barley House. Barley is the hangout of a certain set of talented Dallas musicians. On any given night, you can go and hear Travis Hopper, JD Whittenburg, Sorta, Olopso, Jayson, Brent Best... it's the center of the roots/Americana scene. Plus Barley serves cider. I love a bar with Woodchuck. Hanging at Barley tends to be relaxed, really relaxed, as Richard, the owner, is high school buddies with a bunch of the musicians who play his bar. The sets there can get sloppy fun, so sloppy fun that even non-musicians have been known to end up singing on stage. (Not often, but it happens.)

But I digress, this isn't about Barley, it's about Bend and tomorrow's show. Jayson Bales and Carter Albrecht are staples of the scene. Carter is arguably (I'd argue it) the "best" musician in Dallas. He sings, plays keys, guitar, etc etc in what, a bazillion great bands? He's toured with Charlie Sexton. When the Edie Brickell's New Bohemians needed a member, they chose Carter. I missed Sparrows, the band Albrecht fronted, and I've heard great things. But usually in local shows Carter allows Trey Johnson or Chris Holt or Ms. Brickell center stage. On Friday at Bend, we're in for a treat: Carter Albrecht, up front. That's gonna be brilliant.

Ally David's epiphany to use her yoga studio as music venue is also brilliant. It's a music experience like none other in Dallas. It's a small space, with room for only 75 or so listeners. Shhh! No speaking; be quiet to hear legendary musicians such as Bob Schneider and Ian Moore, literally at their (bare) feet. Bring your own wine, stretch out on a serape, kick back, lose yourself in the music and personality of the artist. Wow.

Jayson and Carter will either put on a polished performance or crack under the pressure of the undivided attention. Either way, it'll be wonderful.

Bend Studio
Jayson Bales and Carter Albrecht
doors 7:30pm $10
BYOB & corking fee $3
don't be late and wear your good socks

Monday, November 06, 2006

Jayson Bales, Cruel and Unusual

Jayson Bales is both a songwriter and a storyteller. Born, bred, and to the bone in Texas, he tells in music of his life, his state, and his country. His songs are fast fictions in which tales and truths are intertwined in melodic roots music. Introspective and retrospective on Cruel and Unusual, thirty-three year old Bales takes stock of his life, his family's influence, and America in 2006 and asks hard questions.

Storm clouds brewing up ahead. Maybe it's the clouds, or lack of rest, but I don't know why I'm so damned depressed.

What Bales hasn't yet survived after a quarterlife crisis is heading straight for midlife crisis. A family man, a common man, Bales has bought wholly into the ideal of the American man. He takes a stand, he questions, and he searches his soul in three minute pop songs, as Woody Guthrie did, less than a generation ago. On "Half Right" Bales gives his due to the man willing to take a position.

"Some thought he fought a useless fight, but at least he took a stand,
that's gotta make him half right.
... the worst thing is not to stand for anything at all
... the truth may make you bleed but at least it'd be nice to know
... though you may not like what you find
... take a stand, you're gonna be half right."

Bales is willing to take that position, yet questions his own conviction.

"Everyday the colors turn grey. The black and white of my youth died just yesterday. You ask what I believe; I tell you I'm not sure."

Bales is both the beating heart of Texas - old school and family-centered, love God, love your fellow man, love your country - and the new mind of America. The tenets that have shaped his life are obvious. Though cynical about the present, he lives with the greater hope of God and heaven.

Friday, November 03, 2006

More new life for Deep Ellum

"There is a new wind blowing down the historic alleys of Deep Ellum. It whispers lightly in every new drum beat and distant vocal behind closed doors. It takes its pride in its name as it rolls off everyone's tongue. It whispers ... Copasectic Ballyhoo."

The press kit of a music movement in the old Last Beat Studio building waxes poetic, but behind the silver doors on Commerce Street is something as exciting as its prose is overblown. The gutted recording studio has new life inside. ProTools is once again running in the sound stage, the old production rooms are being converted into offices, design studios, and a bedroom. A bedroom? Copasectic Ballyhoo and co-founder Mat Timmons both live in the rooms that once recorded the Burden Brothers, Pinkston, and Vibrolux. He's planted grass on the tiny urban patio out back to remind him of the green of Arkansas, his birthplace. Timmons, unassuming, tall, and just a bit grunge, slouches casually through the facility, showing off what the rooms will be, soon. "Right now, it's an all-volunteer effort," he explains, opening the door to the bare graphics room. "It was set up a couple of weeks ago. We did have a designer, but he left," he says without animousity. Clearly, the future of Deep Ellum is not yet installed.

"The Movement" of Copasectic Ballyhoo is a collective of musicians and artists pioneering the newest genre-breaking music and art media, by their own definition. Their "kingdom of minds" promotes music the masses would never know existed. "We chose artists who have a unique sound or thought that can truely impact the world. I mean, you could teach me to be a guitar master of one song, but I couldn't expand beyond that," says Timmons. "These are artists that never play the same song twice; true musicians." Copasectic records extraordinary fusions unlikely to be fostered on any corporate label. So far, one project has been completed. The New Sounds of Deep Ellum, nicknamed S.O.D.E, is a compilation of exciting artists on the Dallas scene, and one reunited group, Jones. Jones had drifted apart, with members living in New York and LA.. They returned to Texas and began to work in the old Last Beat rehersal rooms. Two of their jazz songs are on S.O.D.E.. Saxmanran, inventor of the Rake, is on the compilation; Blunt Force Crew raps over a bluesy, lazy nearly alt-country melody; White Lotus Society brings on the experimental dance mixes. Juxtaposition and jumbling of musical styles in the rule, even within songs. Culture- and genre-blending experiences are Copasectic's grail.

The business of Copasectic Ballyhoo is a record label (the paperwork is in progress) along the lines of Virgin or Capital Records. Bands on the Copasectic roster can walk in with music and walk out with a fully produced, ready-to-market CD. Recording, graphics, photography, and video are done in-house. While the physical space isn't ready - isolation booth doors are still on order, couches and wet bars are just plans, the reception area needs serious drywall work and a desk - Timmons and his associates are laying a foundation. He and his friends, and his friends of friends, have set out to revive Deep Ellum and bring good music to the masses. "That calls my taste into question, doesn't it?" he jokes. Copasetic began with 150 core members; college friends of Timmons and co-founders Selvin deLeon and Chad Bruce. "We gave everyone five tickets to give out, then we gave those people five tickets, and so on and so on," laughs Timmons,"until we had a Christmas tree of associations. When we reached 600 members, we stopped. Now, we only invite in people who have been refered to us, and we've only grown by about 150 additional members since January."

Copasectic Ballyhoo isn't trying for exclusively by keeping close tabs on its membership list, but rather to gather like minds together. Its melting pot of cultures, races, and genres feels unique in Dallas. Its focus on positivity and inclusivity is refreshing and comes directly from the trauma of Timmon's own life. Sophomore year in college, his parents divorced, his health failed badly, and his true love cheated on him. Timmons' whole life collapsed. Standing on the ledge of his third-floor dorm room's window, aiming for his own car's roof below, he remembered his mother waking him with a song and smiled. It was enough to keep him alive. "One smile saved me, and my entire life's purpose is to produce genuine smiles because they have the power to change the world." Timmons, with his friends, wants to get Dallas smiling. Copasectic Ballyhoo is how he's gonna do that.

"We want to take the grassroots and plant them really solid," says Timmons. Not that there haven't been a couple of booking mistakes. For one of the earlier rooftop events, Timmons brought in Glass Intrepid to play. As soon as they went on stage, he realized his error. His friends made it clear that a mainstream, corporate band wasn't the right direction for Copasectic. Now he searches for artists with drive, those who work to fuel their creativity. "No trust fund babies are here," he says. To be welcomed into the collective, bands tryout on Thursday night rooftop parties, not only to showcase their music, but also to see if they fit into the family. The Artbar's rooftop is a perfect location, and the music flows out over Deep Ellum and draws in walk-up traffic. "Our first winter we lost the rooftop - it was too cold - then we were allowed to take over the stage at Clearview, but only after midnight. We finally opened the doors of the Blind Lemon. We were down to about twenty or thirty people, but the Movement survived." Copasectic hopes to not only pioneer genre-bending music, but to breathe new life into Deep Ellum by bringing back culture-loving crowds. Worried that crime will seep back into the district with the upcoming end of the recent police saturation, Timmons thinks "the crowds will be either be herds of cows or lions. Give me cows."

Timmons envisions spreading the smiles past Dallas, to Austin and Houston. He wants to take the music on the road for college tours in the sping and fall. And he wants univeristies to pay for it. "Imagine the students receiving free tickets; the good feelings, the smiles. We would come on campus, a cultural experience, sponsored by the college." If his dream sounds a bit Sixties-inspired, Timmons thinks that's fine. "Copasectic Ballyhoo is something so beautiful and non-conforming that it takes over your mind and soul."

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Photos and a PodQast

The past two weeks I have been working on a special set of photos. I set up my "studio" (I kicked the cars out of the garage) and my portable, loveable background, and invited some friends over. They primped (not so much) and posed (a whole lot) and generally either sweated or froze, but we all enjoyed the fun. And some really great photos came out of the experience. Red Monroe has already used theirs for a Quick PodQast, on which you can *cringe* hear me gushing and trying to act like I'm not just sitting in the British Rose chatting up my friends. Cindy Chaffin got me out of the woodwork to do this interview with her. We've only been planning it for a year. I'm glad that RM's nomination for a Grammy nomination finally got us in front of a mic.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


And while we're YouTubing, here's a really lovely song, again by friends of friends.

I'm so lucky. =)

It's a shame Honeybug are now back in Scotland, which explains the very appropriate KT Tunstall song.

Andy Zipf; earnestwhile singersongwriter plays Absinthe tonight

I met Andy Zipf a couple of months back as a friend of a friend while he was touring out to LA to record his new CD. He played Highlands Cafe and gave a brilliant show. Tonight he's at Absinthe Lounge. It's Tuesday night in Dallas. Carlin has Dada booked, White Rock Coffee has open mic, Standard and Pours has open mic, so... I'm drawing a blank as to other venues that have reasonable Tuesday nights. Or anything on Tuesday night.

Here's a YouTube of him playing. I hate this YouTube. It's crappy. He sounds nothing like this. OK, he might sound a little like this. But much, much better. Yup, he's that kind of singer/songwriter. Earnest, means his songs, serious.

At Highlands he played a good hour of not-quite-Christian, but you could hear the influences acoustic songs, then he broke into blues (I don't mean blues-y folk songs. I mean Blues) and he blew away the audience and beat his guitar into submission. I sat open-mouthed. And then he played something else from his album and the brilliant interlude was over. I was like, "where did THAT come from?" He should do more of that, and less of this YouTube stuff. But both are worth your time on a Tuesday evening. Absinthe Lounge 9pm in Southside Lamar. You should come.

I'll be there after I finish up a press gang-up on Red Monroe at their super-secret practice bar tonight.

Monday, September 25, 2006

The Hourly Radio & Rolling Stone

It's about time that Rolling Stone found the best Brit-pop band that's not British.
Check the issue with Jack Nicholson on the cover;
Editors' Top 5 picks.

damned right.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

How to write a record review

1. Don't become friends with the band.
It sucks to write about your friends. Especially if you thought Album One was brilliant, and Album Two, well, so isn't. And you will be accused of gladhanding your friends' work, implying that you have no objectivity. Yeah, well, you don't. And so what?

2. Write for the people who might buy the album.
Oh! Controversy! Why would you write a review of something you didn't like (and would never buy) unless your editor assigned it to you? Kill your ego and your tendency to pontificate. The world has changed. Amazon, TexasGigs, the band websites, myspaces, and downloading mean that listeners can easily weed out what they don't want to hear. Say something to those who will want to listen.

3. Allow your reader to form their own opinion.
You'd think this would be elementary.

4. Write a story.
Spin a tale, tell the reader who you are, what you think, why. Spin another tale about who the band is, what they think, why. Do it in 400 words or less.

5. The worst press is no press.
Hate it? Kill it. Say nothing. It's mightily effective. Of course, the temptation to ream is enticing. But that's all about you and not about them. You do get that, don't you? Leave it to those who have refined the artform and made a forum for it. You don't have the chops anyway.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Lousy Robot, Smile Like You’re Somewhere Else

Smile Like You’re Somewhere Else

produced by John Dufilho, engineered by Salim Nourallah at Pleasantry Lane Studios in Dallas, TX.

Opening with a volley of Jet-like guitar and "yeahs!" and lapsing into the post-punk that defines the band, Smile Like You’re Somewhere Else is more, better Lousy Robot . A year of work under their belts, plus a renewed relationship with engineer Salim Nourallah and producer John Dufilho (Deathray Davies) have created another fun, danceable album. Having a bad day? Not quite happy with life? Pop in this CD, and adjust your groove. "Slower" is the dirge of the album until it slips quietly into a trancelike, swaying melody. Jack Moffitt adds moody, psychedelic keys to the pop. Jim Phillip’s concise and quirky lyrics take ordinary anxieties and make them universal and trifling. Channeling the Ramonesand early Beatles influences, Lousy Robot builds a sound that is both evocative and fresh. Contributions by Dallas heavy-hitters Johnny Lloyd Rollins, Cory Watson, (Black Tie Dynasty), John Lefler (Dashboard Confessional), and both Nourallah and Dufilho highlight the potential of this Albuquerque band. Not since The Shins left the Land of Enchantment has an unsigned quartet inspired collaboration of this caliber. Lousy Robot’s sophomore album is lusher than The Strange and True Story of Your Life and just as fun. Help me count the ways that I say, “Yeah!”

Song highlights: “Mr. Falls Apart,” “Help Me Count the Ways I Say ‘Yeah!’,” “A Way of Overstating.”

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Lord Henry, Zoo Palace

produced in part by Stuart Sikes, Bass Propulsion Labs, Dallas TX

Zoo Palace, the sophomore album of The Lord Henry, is in advance release and the show will be on October 21st here in Dallas. Sexy, sultry bad boys, TLH swagger, NYC style, up from Austin. Think Strokes, Louis XIV, and Brendan Benson.

Clinton Piper solos into the audience, titilating the prep school pretties of the front row. On his knees, close enough to touch, Piper's the alluring, pouty rock star. The songwriter of the band of brothers, Billy Potts, Grant Piper, and the latest addition, Josh from SanFran, Clinton's the lead and the emotion. Fast and furious on his guitar, he's ripped through his own fingers, blood spattering the strings, rather than slow down and grab a new pick. "Fire on 42nd Street" is the
de riguer love song to New York, and "So So So" is remade from Voila.

Voila, the first EP, was a purposely analog and constrained album, meant to be performed live by just Piper on guitar and Potts drumming and singing backup. Zoo Palace though, is more expansive; The Lord Henry as a full, gorgeous band. Stuart Sikes (oh christ, just google him, his catalog is impressive) had a hand in about half the songs. The Lord Henry is frenzied guitars, over-the-top drumming, keys that fill your ears, and pure energy and sweat. They are the insane afterparty, but at the end of Zoo Palace, they slow down to quiet chilling. "Jilina," a beautful, raw Beatles-esque songlette, and "Loss of Love Says Hi" is Piper at his most vulnerable; the player taking stock. Potts even gets dreamy on "Loss of Love Says Hi" (love the title; beautiful and sad, like the song) with an edge of Sigur Ros-inspired drumming. Play these two on a hungover Sunday morning and they're brilliant, just skip past the first nine rockers until after the Bloody Marys have settled.