Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Best of 2006 ... in so many ways. Happy New Year!

Lots of these songs I've been listening to for longer than 2006, so this is more a retrospective of "oh, yeah, that was finally released!" 2006 was definitely the year of the demo for me, as I had to look up most of the actual album titles for these.

My "most listened to" according to my iPod of 2006…

"Roscoe" Midlake The Trials Of Van Occupanther
I first heard "Roscoe" piled into Eric Pullido's little Mini, in the heat of July, sweating it with McK and the other Eric. I loved it from the first listen, and even bootlegged a copy with my iPod mic. It was an awful recording, but I still listened to it often as I waited for the final album to be released. Van Occupanther was worth the wait, and this song, or this album, is on everyone's Best of '06.

"Flowerparts" Bob Schneider Texas Music 2006 (The Californian)
Yup, I hightailed it to Wendy's when I heard they were giving away a CD of Texas music with a giant Dr. Pepper. The Hourly Radio's "Deaf Ears" is on it as well, and also should make my Best of 2006 list, but I heard that so often in 2005, it's a bit past prime for me. Burden Brothers, Rhett Miller, Sorta, Patrice Pike, and The Rocket Summer were also on the CD, so why didn't they just go ahead and call it "Dallas Music (and a Bit of the Rest of Texas) 2006"?

"We're All Going to Hell" Here, In Arms Soon We'll All Be Scattered
Brent Engle's producer sent me these demos back in August. I had to check that they had actually been released because I hadn't heard much of them. Why? Who knows? Let'hope that "marketing" isn't a dirty word to him and that Here in Arms gets on it a bit, soon.

"I Wonder Where You Are Tonight" Jayson Bales Cruel & Unusual
He wrote this in his car, on his Blackberry, between three stoplights. Or so he says. Bales is a legend of his own making, but I'm more than happy to contribute to the aura behind this guy. One day, we're gonna realize we "knew him when" and then be amazed that such a talent is in our midst. That, and he buys drinks. Love him!

"Nothing Left To Say" Sorta Strange And Sad But True
I gots lots to say about Sorta and Trey Johnson and it's all good. "All Good" - get it? LOL, local humor... Starting from the artwork on the cover and in the CD, this is a great album. Like the Midlake album, this recent Sorta album is a maturation of the band. Little Bay was good, but not this good.

"One Day At A Time" Johnny Lloyd Rollins Let's Be Poor Together
JLR's unique style, a fusion of classic pop and indie styling is simple, beautiful and enduring. He's another artist that is hard to believe is from Dallas. Our music scene produces such differing styles from Baboon to Midlake to Johnny; while Seattle in the 90's may have had Grunge, Dallas in the Aughties has more than just a sound name will cover.

"Loss of Love Says Hi" The Lord Henry Zoo Palace
The Lord Henry is known more for dance rock than introspective melodies, but the switch in producers midway through Zoo Palace changed the character of their first LP. "Loss" and my most-overplayed song I got in 2005, the lovely Beatles-esque "Jilina" are my favs on the 2006 CD. Clinton Piper will never be confused with John Lennon, but he certainly has more depth of soul than Julian Casablancas.

"Peppermint + Bitterness" Lousy Robot Smile Like You're Somewhere Else
I love Lousy! Lousy Robot. I've declared 2007 "the Year of the Robot." Watch these guys; Dandee, their dandy hubba-bubba-Indie-adorable bassist is the bearded dude strolling through the Albuquerque snow in the I Love Math video. Why is a bassist from a New Mexican band in a John Dufilho song's video? Because Lousy Robot is produced and engineered by Dufilho and Salim Nourallah. Does that mean that there's a video from Beautiful Noise and Jim Phillips somewhere on YouTube? I really, really hope so!

"Blue Mountain Air" Red Monroe Red Monroe
Red Monroe finally, finally stopped debating over which U2 album they liked best and struck out and made their own sound. If there has to be an Arcade Fire reference in some of their reviews, Walter Riley (a good friend of the band) and I know why. Now, when "Wilmington" actually makes it on an album - can the next one be a live acoustic?! - then, then I will be in heaven.

"Any Given Saturday" Spitfire Tumbleweeds King James Version
My fav Denton man, Scott Porter, is in this band. No, Scott Porter sings (growls, hoots, deep bass voice knocks your socks off) in this band. "Nuff said.

"Mason Jar" Zapruder Sequence Pretty Girl Charm Lies
Jordan Munn, the Binford boys, and the irrepressible Michael Karnowski make up the new Old 97s. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Rhett and Ken and those boys ought to be mighty proud. Zapruder is just plain good fun and great music. Though the band is splitting itself between Atlanta and Dallas right now, Pretty Girl Charm Lies has plenty to fill the gap.

"Josephine Street" I Love Math Getting to the Point is Beside It
So pretty, so John Dufilho, "Josephine" is my vote for the best of the Best of 2006.

The few songs I can't include here, because they will be released in 2007, that are coming down the pipe from Pleasantry Lane, BPL, Purple Pear, and Luminous Sound will make 2006 go on record as an exceptionally productive year. Next year, our listening will be brilliant!


Dandee said...

Thanks for posting the video to share with more people. I hope they enjoy it. I also am thankful that we have you to help tell people about the band. Thank you, and keep up the good work.

Cindy said...

Mixtape, mixtape, mixtape!!!