Tuesday, December 05, 2006

5 posts about last weekend: #1 ArtCon2 setup

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1. Thursday... Art Conspiracy 2 setup
8:30am and it's sleeting and wintry and I'm not yet awake, and White Rock Coffee has the best pumpkin spice latte in Dallas. Driving past SouthSide Lamar, under dripping bridges into unknown territory, I haul shopping bags of sticky magnets, scissors, and giant contact sheets of photos into the barn of the unheated Longhorn Ballroom. ugh. There's a reason I'm no longer a Northerner, and it's winter. I shiver uncontrollably when it's below fifty out; below 30 is misery. Below 30 and raining? ugh. But seriously, the roads were fine. I'm enough of a Yankee not to be able to bitch about a few icy potholes. My latte and stuff in place, I got to cutting and cutting and cutting my photo collage together. Thanks to Erica Felicella's girl scout preparedness with materials, I actually finished my piece in close to the allotted three hours. OK, it took five, but I chatted some. To warm up. (D- your Creative Memories comments were little appreciated.) Frank Campagna was in and out in twenty minutes (ugh. I'm freezing here!); Jayme Nourallah sitting on cold, bare concrete was dedication in action; Sarah Jane ran about mumbling about breakers, and Erica, Cari, Andrea, and Jason were flitting, getting it all in order and to keep warm, I'm sure. By 1pm, the organizers no longer outnumbered the artists, and I left with the uncomfortable feeling I could have made my piece better, or at least differently. I have lots of ideas for next year, anyway. I couldn't have cut another square; the blisters would have bled.

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