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5 posts about last weekend: #2 ArtCon2 event

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2. Friday... ArtCon show
The Longhorn Ballroom's not hard to find. Head past the warehouses and train tracks on Industrial and look for a 50-foot fiberglass bull, with horns long enough to skewer a semi. The U-Haul demolished entry hauled away, it was easier to figure out where in the Disney-land Country kitsch fa├žade of the Ballroom was the entrance to ArtCon. That and all the seriously out-of-place hipsters filing in the door. Wagon wheels and magenta hair just don't mesh.
The room is giant, football-field big. My piece wasn't where I left it, and thankfully it had sold before I even arrived. I wouldn't have done well watching the auction. Thank you Andrea, for buying it. It's so cool that it'll hang in the house of a friend. That keeps it within "the family", which is the pervading feeling of ArtCon… a family of the Dallas art community. The art ran the gamut of student and amateur (um, that's me) produced to the polished professional of artists such as Cabe Booth, Jennifer Morgan, and Jeff Stachowski. Bids may begin at $20, but the art is far more valuable than that, both in materials and in sentiment. That Art Conspiracy raised only $9000 proves that it ain't about the money, though all of that goes directly back to the art community supporting the event in sponsorship of La Reunion. A friend took a good long look around the room and said, "I had no idea. No idea that there were so many creative people in Dallas." Join the family.

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