Wednesday, December 27, 2006

How I spent my day after Xmas 2006

I have to say I had a very restful day after Christmas this year. I skipped out on cleaning up all the wrappings and leftovers and sauntered on over to a spa they like to call a "hospital." It's really quite the misnomer. I snuck out before the light of dawn and checked myself into this lovely place in Uptown. They gave me a pretty little gown (how quaint; it ties in the back. very nuevo!) then wrapped me up in warm blankets, let me sleep for hours and sent me home all wrapped up, with excellent drugs to boot (those haven't quite worn off yet). Here's a pic of their good work. The docter and nurses ("spa healers" I'd like to call them) were nice enough to fix up the bad work a distracted driver did to me this summer. They say that I will walk again someday. For now, I'll milk it for all it's worth. "Honey, more coffee, please!"

Please notice the "No" on the other leg.

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Dandee said...

Poor thing. You just keep on milkin'