Wednesday, December 06, 2006

May SQH's days be merry and BRIGHT!

And now I'm reposting things from other people's blog comments, and that's just plain sad. But this is worth knowing, and worth contributing to, so hop on by the Secret Headquarters Denton MySpace and make 'em merry and warm. And the CD they are offering is worth a PayPal dime or two. (I think they mean Denton "Cohesion" despite their typing dyslexia.)


Hey, here's a message from Secret Headquarters in Denton that is, like, TOTALLY on topic!

Yes, YOU can be a hero. You know how we at SHQ are in the habit of opening our doors three times a week to you for FREE so you can have fun and act weird? Well, it turns out the electric company doesn't take "being laid back" as payment.

It would be VERY kind of you, and we would appreciate you so much, if you could swing by our myspace to donate a buck or five or twenty. There's a paypal link on the LEFT of the main page. Seriously. It's not hard, and it would help an artistic community kep providing you with CHEAP/FREE entertainment and "stuff".

Please check out our calender while you are over there. We have some CRAZY good shows coming up.

BONUS: If you donate today, we'll give you a FREE Denton Chesion Holiday CD featuring both the profane and sacred sounds of jetscreamer, shiny around the edges, pinebox serenade and PLENTY of others...

So... Thanks! and remember... I'm actually sort of begging here, because they's gonna turn our shit OFF!!!!!!!!!

Love you,

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