Tuesday, December 05, 2006

5 posts about last weekend: #4 Tony Bones benefit at Kettle

4. Saturday... Tony Bones benefit show at Kettle Arts
So, you know a kid, and he's a little unruly at school, drawing all over the desks and stuff, then he gets to be a rebellious teenager and he's tagging walls and doors with his alias and some stick-figures. What's a good Dallasite to do? Throw him in jail! Ban him from leaving the city! (huh? OK, that punishment makes zero sense to me… you're a miscreant, therefore we don't want you to leave. Uh, all riiiighttt…) DPS catches the thug in a city-wide round-up and then slaps community service on him! Good for you: go make him beautify something, by painting it with his art! What? Well, despite Dallas' well-meaning but contradictory justice system, Tony Bones is a semi-free man today. And we're so glad of it. I love that he can't leave. Please stay. I have a wall on my house you can "tag", in fact, you're welcome to my fridge, garage door, sidewalk, whatever. Please, please. And thanks… especially to your mom, for buying my photo. That made my night (week, month).

More photos here.

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