Tuesday, December 05, 2006

5 posts about last weekend: #3: The Chem Set and Valentines at Sons

3. Friday later... The Cavern
ArtCon finished early, around 11pm after the pinnacle of Salim Nourallah's set. I was going to head out early, but the thought of missing The Polaroids – Salim's all-star team of Daniel Hopkins, Chris Holt, Eric Neal, and Chris Carmicheal – would have been a crime. They don't get to play together that often, considering how many musical projects the players work in separately.
But after the great show I wasn't ready for bed, and at 11pm, it was late to head over to Barley to see Jayson Bales (I think my penchant for his non-twanging roots is abundantly clear) and the Transcenders, so I managed to get thoroughly lost in downtown and just barely make The Chemistry Set's set at The Cavern. Plus The Valentines were playing, and I'd been a fan of that band since their interview killed dconstruction.org. Not actually because they ended Robert and Lindsay's drunken opining; I love any band with that much energy and talent. I'm dying for a Valentines CD, but after a break-in at their Houston producer's studio (serves you damned right for recording in Houston: two words... "Stuart" "Sikes"… I have other words if those don't fit… call me) and the loss of the masters, I guess I have to wait a bit longer. Their merch table was conspicuously empty at The Cavern.

So, Chem Set and Valentines; John Solis at Method Entertainment is a booker I can happily support. Solis has got an ear for talent. Method, Callithump, Listening To:, the stellar Spune … we have it good in Dallas… great people putting on great shows. The Chemistry Set blow me away each time I see them, they are solid, and when they get pushed a little, such as with a crowd-required encore on Friday night, Stephen Duncan goes ballistic on his guitar and gets his rawk on.

More Chem Set photos here.
More Valentines photos here.

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John said...

Thanks for coming out Kate! Its always a pleasure to see you around. You missed the after party! Maybe next time...