Tuesday, December 05, 2006

5 posts about last weekend: #5 Reunion Tower Review at Sons

5. Saturday later... Reunion Tower Review.
Two art pieces sold in two days and I was walking on air, trying to get to Sons of Hermann Hall (read more about Sons here) before the night of the musicians I've affectionately tagged "the Barley crowd" is over. Why Barley? Because on any given night – weeknight, weekend, holiday, afternoon, just kidding – you can find at least one of them hanging the Barley House if they aren't actually playing a set there. Carter Albrecht, Salim Nourallah, Jen Nabb, Trey Johnson, Chris Holt, Don Cento, Danny Balis, Solly, Peter Schmidt, Kim Pendleton, the Shibboleth guys and an amazing bluesman Bobby Patterson play Sons in a musical songswap/cover greatness show. Chris Holt and Jen Nabb cover Meatloaf in the best of the night; man, that was brilliant. I missed the earlier Shibboleth goodness that Robert Wilonsky raves about… and posts. Hal Samples took photos. Other friends hang. Lovely, lovely and I just soaked in it all. I love the music scene… look in the sidebar of this blog for the photos. It's good to be here, with friends.

More photos here.

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