Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Flickr dump!

I've been a busy little Flickrer today... new sets up:
The Chemistry Set last live show at Dada.

Luego (photos), Sunward (photos),

and Johnny Citizen (photos) at White Rock Coffee.

Doug Burr (photos)

and Sarah Jaffe (photos) at Allgood Cafe.

New band portraits from The Backsliders.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Quick! Go to Quick.

Got this in the inbox this AM... Hunter is good people. Please do what he asks, you'll be pleased you did. Seriously. Do this....


You may or may not know that Quick has been covering local music online and in print for more than three years. This year, we're increasing that coverage significantly, and we want all the news about your band, including CD releases, new online tracks and videos, lineup changes, touring updates and local concert previews. Even if you're a fan of an underappreciated local band, be sure to clue us in -- the more input from the community, the better.

Send all information, presskits and CDs to:
Hunter Hauk
Entertainment Editor, Quick

508 Young St
, Texas 75202

Read and comment on our Nightlife blog, where we report the latest finds in clubgoing and local music:

And if you haven't already, start a profile and upload a track to our Juqbox:

Stay tuned ...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lovie at White Rock Coffee TONIGHT

Lovie plays an acoustic Artist in Residency at White Rock Coffee tonight and rest of the Sundays in January. Don't put off coming to this unique show! Getcher bums out. It's an early show, 8-10p. You'll be in bed in time for work tomorrow, and not hungover or smoke-addled. Yes, there is decaf, too.

It's LOVIE. C'mon!!