Friday, December 21, 2007

Best of 2007 in Dallas' music

2007 was an odd year.

I thought I'd been so busy I missed out on great music. Didn't get out to get those fantastic albums that were made this year. Then I realized, nope, that wasn't it. There wasn't all that much made this year.

There was no whittling done on this year's list. A good bit of scrounging, rather.

Best of 2007...
The BEST...
1. Carter Albrecht's unreleased album
2. Doug Burr's On Promenade
By far these two albums, one of which doesn't even yet exist, are the CDs you should have. You must have. You should get right. now. when you can, that is.

The rest...
Very good choices here:
3. The Slack's Wishful Sinking (also winning "best album title" and "best photos for an album" heh.)
3. Red Monroe, Policia! Policia!
4. The Crash That Took Me's Orchestrated Kaleidoscopes
5. Salim Nourallah's Snowing in My Heart

And the ones I don't know much about (heard it, don't have it, must be hooked up; please? send?)because my head was stuck in the sand a bit this year. busy busy. But these are good listens, from the buzz and the five minutes I had with some songs. So, on faith, I'm recommending these for your Christmas wish list. No coal in your stocking:
6. St. Vincent's Marry Me
7. JD Whittenburg, JD Whittenburg
8. Lovie, Harshmellow

Not even 10 for the best of 2007. Ah, let's hope 2008 is a better year for music in Dallas.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Carter's Memorial Show at Granada

I have about 1000 photos from both memorials shows to edit, but just wanted to post one. Words, later.

OK, no words, because I've said them here, and here. How about photos instead? Go here.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Hope Show

Daniel Miller, the guy who does the web stuff, is doing web stuff for The Hope Show. I've heard Hal Samples has shot video for them.
be inspired.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Hey, geeky friends! U <3 Thunderbird?

Gmail, our love affair has been good, but we've stagnated. I'm just not getting what I need out of our relationship, namely: folders. As Paolo Nutini says, "sure I can accept that we're going nowhere," but now it's time for me to move on. There's this other email program, and I know, I know, it's been good between us, but you just can't keep up. Let's part amicably. We'll always be friends. Honest.

Anyone out there use Thunderbird? Like it? Don't like it? Lemme know.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

An Acoustic Tribute to Carter Albrecht

Please come out on Thursday, October 11th, 8-11pm, to White Rock Coffee for an acoustic show of the music of Carter Albrecht. Thanks to Chris Holt, Manya of Blue Petal, Jayson Bales, and other friends of Carter, for playing. Come hear his songs, Sparrows revisited, and Sorta's music, all projects that Carter either headed or was intimately involved in. Come to remember this amazing talent, and a good man taken from us too soon. Donations will benefit the Carter Albrecht Music Foundation.

White Rock Coffee House is located at:
10105 E. Northwest Hwy. (at Ferndale)
Dallas, Texas 75238

Click here for a map to our location.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Wall of Sound 2006 video

This was 2006. I can't wait for 2007. This weekend, LaGrave Field. Come to the photobooth to be in next year's video!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A tribute to ... ?

My friend is right. I have no clue who Jellyfish is (was?). They clearly were big during that black period when I was living in a Third World country. It was fun, but it left me with a large gap in my musical knowledge, unless you count Mana. Chris Machart, however, does know who Jellyfish is, and he likes them. So much so that when his band was asked to contribute to Not Lame's Jellyfish tribute, Sensory Lullaby, they picked "All I Want is Everything," a song that ought to be discovered by the disaffected in, say, Highland Park. Take a listen; scroll down to Song #4 at the bottom of the link or hit Millicent Friendly's MySpace. The lovely John Solis played drums and sang on this, too. If you're a Jellyfish fan, check it out.

I think maybe I should catch up a bit on my '90s rock history. Speaking of, wonder if Bill's has a good used copy of Wowee Zowee?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hourly Radio on tour

I <3 Hourly. Search this blog for old interviews with them when they weren't nothin' but pups. Now they're off to CMJ and such. Mama's so proud.

NOV 03 :: ALZHEIMER'S ASSOC MEMORY WALK (Dallas, TX) ***NOT A SHOW more info here ***
NOV 06 :: DALLAS, TX @ CLUB DADA with IAMX (features the amazing Chris Corner, former Sneaker Pimps)

Yeah, baby! "Official Photographer"

You MUST attend. Stop by the booth and I'll snap ya.

Midlake at WOS '07 @ LaGrave Field 9/22

Considering that they fly in from the UK on 9/15, and play in both Ft. Worth and Denton, I guess it's fine that Midlake skips playing Dallas proper. Of course, you WILL have to come out to the Wall of Sound. I mean, why on earth would you miss that?

Midlake Texas tour dates:
September 16, 2007 - AUSTIN, TX @ AUSTIN CITY LIMITS
September 20, 2007 - HOUSTON, TX @ NUMBERS
September 21, 2007 - DENTON, TX @ DAN'S SILVERLEAF

photo: Midlake at last year's Wall of Sound Festival in Ft. Worth.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sorta live @ the Granada Theater in Dallas Tx

Carter Albrecht, 1973-2007, on keys at far left.

Trey Johnson :: vocals, guitars
Danny Balis :: bass, vocals
Trey Carmichael :: drumset
Carter Albrecht :: keys, guitars, vocals
Ward Williams :: pedal steel, slide guitar
Chris Holt :: guitars, keys, vocals, drums, etc etc etc.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Benefit for Cory @ Dada 06.04.05 Carter

carter, once more.

Good words from Cindy here. Danny Balis (Sorta) tells it as he sees it there.

A tribute to Carter Albrecht

Because there aren't words... goodbye, Carter.

At the Barley House, he walked up to me, shoved his fist into my stomach and said, "You sing from here. It comes from your gut," and gave me a shot of Jaeger and sent me up on stage. He was imposing and talented, swaggering and aloof, brilliant and kind. His death leaves a hole too large.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dallas Observer Music Awards 2007 (DOMA)

I'm not seeing this posted elsewhere (I could be wrong; I didn't search for it very hard), so I'm posting it here. And yes, I skipped some categories, sorry. I'm really happy about the inclusion of Johnny Lloyd Rollins, St. Vincent, and Smile Smile this year, and the whole Best New Act list is well worth listening to.

(pic: The Slack, nominated for Best New Act, play at Sons of Hermann Hall.)

2007 DOMA Ballot

Best Act in Town
Von Ehrics
Black Tie Dynasty
The Valentines
Hey Hollywood
Boys Named Sue
St. Vincent

Musician of the Year
Doug Burr
Salim Nourallah
Chris Holt
John Pedigo
Levi Smith (of Radiant, I'm sure they mean)
Daniel Hopkins
Danny Balis
Mark Solomon (Solly)

Best Album
Everybody Has a Dark Side Theater Fire
Baboon Baboon
JD Whittenburg jD Whittenburg
The Hits Boys Named Sue
Tres Monos in Love PPT
Movements Black Tie Dynasty
The Trials of Van Occupanther Midlake
Strange and Sad But True Sorta
We Hope You Win Radiant
Let's Be Poor Together Johnny Lloyd Rollins

Best Song
"Honkytonk if Yer Horny" Boys Named Sue
"Roscoe" Midlake
"85 Feet" Sorta
"Tender" Black Tie Dynasty
"Work It Out" PPT
"These Tears Could Rust a Train" Theater Fire
"Sad Song" Smile Smile
"That Girl" Radiant

Best New Act
Sarah Jaffe
The Slack
Black Tie Dynasty *
Smile Smile
The Crash That Took Me
St. Vincent
Radiant *
Tame... Tame and Quiet

*Dear Observer, these acts aren't new...

Best Country/Roots
Doug Burr
Boys Named Sue
Theater Fire
1100 Springs
Rose County Fair
Maren Morris

Best Folk/Acoustic
Fishing For Comets
Sarah Jaffe
Doug Burr
Smile Smile
The Theater Fire

Best Hard Rock
Max Cady
The Feds
Record Hop
Burden Brothers
Little Big Horn
Exit 380

Best Indie Rock
The Hourly Radio
Red Monroe
The Valentines
Rose County Fair
Johnny Lloyd Rollins

Best Female Singer
Sarah Jaffe
Annie Clark (St. Vincent)
Amy Curnow (Shanghai 5)
Camille Cortinas (Fishing For Comets)
Hope Cassity
Ashley Cromeens (Record Hop)

Best Male Singer
John Pedigo (Rose County Fair, Boys Named Sue)
Doug Burr
Johnny Lloyd Rollins
Cory Watson (Black Tie Dynasty)
Ryan Hamilton (Smile Smile)
Peter Schmidt
Salim Nourallah
Levi Smith (Radiant)

Best Instrumentalist
Eric Neal (The Slack)
Chris Holt (The Slack, Sorta)
John Dufilho (Deathray Davies)
Eddie Thomas (Black Tie Dynasty)
Chad Stockslager (The Drams)
Danny Balis (Sorta)

Best Producer
Salim Nourallah
Ace McNeely
Paul Williams
Matt Pence
John Congleton

Best Radio Show
The Hardline
The Good Show
The Adventure Club
Paul Slavens
Russ Martin

Best Blog
The Fine Line
boca tinta
we shot JR
Gorilla vs Bear

Best Label
Summer Break

Best Live Venue
Club Dada
Sons of Hermann Hall
Double Wide
Gypsy Tea Room (um, dudes, they're closed)
House of Blues

Best Dance Club
Lizard Lounge
Slip Inn

Monday, July 16, 2007

In this heat, only two things grow, or three

I enjoyed all that rain Dallas had in June. It was cool, refreshing, muddy. We could forget we lived in Texas awhile. Now, for the scorching July, I give you

this movie.

Happy Summer.

Pic: Bubba Kadane plays at Sons of Hermann Hall.
Movie link sent by dealingwith; gracias.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Seed at Sons of Hermann Hall

I'm in this, please come!

location: the sons of hermann hall, dallas, tx.
artists: 10 Dallas Photographers
bands: mom
handclaps & harmonies
door: $7
benefiting: art conspiracy's 501c3 filing efforts
sponsor: La Duni Latin Bakery and Cafe


For the past two years, the Dallas-based art collective, Art Conspiracy, has put on successful guerrilla-style events that unite Dallas-area artists and musicians for a good cause - now Art Conspiracy is making it official by becoming a 501c3 organization.

At 7:00 p.m., Sunday, July 15, at the Sons of Hermann Hall, Art Conspiracy will present Seed, a fundraising event that will pave the way for Art Conspiracy to become a permanent part of the Dallas arts community.

Seed will feature auctions of four images apiece from10 well-known Dallas photographers including Polyphonic Spree video director, Hal Samples, Nathan Schroeder, and Dana McGuire. Participating photographers have been been given the theme "Dallas: Through Your Lens." Starting bids for the photography will be $20 -$40.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Such foolishness!

The East Dallas/Lakewood and Lake Highlands versions of the Advocate magazine's blog, BackTalk, have asked to me join them as a blogger. I'll be spouting off about all sorts of ED/LH music news. If you live/work/breathe in East Dallas, you ABSOLUTELY MUST send me your show info...

because I need material to write about...



Add BackTalk to your blog reader, please.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Zounds! Marc Solomon sounds incredible.

I love it when someone else does my work for me. Mary Solomon (Marc's wife) makes a strong case for the amazingness of her husband, and I concur. If you've got a budding rocker in your life, or really really wish your pre-teen could keep a beat, call these guys to have your kiddo schooled in the rock by some pretty amazing working musicians. Marc and Mary run Zounds Sounds, which teaches guitar, drums, vocals, bass, etc etc... everything you need for a proper teenage garage band. End the peaceful sounds of your neighborhood and give them a call- after you drop by the 2007 DOMA poll and VOTE!
(btw: I think that's Mary's guitar and it has to be one of my fav guitars in the world;

read on... from Mary...

Hello Friends & Family,
Many of you are used to receiving emails from me on strictly music school related business. (Thank you for taking the time to read all of my ramblings be the way!) This email missive is just a bit different. I am campaigning on behalf of my husband Marc Solomon. I think he deserves your vote to win the Dallas Observer Musician of the Year 2007 award.
Some of you might have stopped reading there scrolled all the way down and clicked on the last link. You people have voted already. Thanks guys! It's folks like you, what with your support and utter faith in what I have to say/ask of you, that keep me in birthday presents and well wishes. Some of you are already very familiar with Marc's work both as a teacher/mogul & creative artist and you are being reminded of just how awesome he is right this minute. Perhaps you guys are voting now.
You are thinking about what a tremendous difference he has made in your child's life, giving them encouragement, knowledge and most importantly a new sense of themselves as individuals. You are hearing his booming laugh and voting...NOW!
You might remember the last Rock Show @ Dada when 3 kids were sick and Marc got up and unexpectedly filled in on the drums, sang, played bass and of course melted your face on lead guitar. All to help the kids sound great, play great and feel great about themselves. You are remembering how much fun you had. Those of you with similar memories are clicking and voting....NOW!
There are those of you only know Marc as that teacher/business owner/luckiest man alive, ahem...and aren't that familiar with his music. Go here to listen... .
While he isn't appearing on stages around town nearly as often as some of his competition in this category (2 of which are teachers here at the school!) he is busy recording new songs for the much anticipated follow up to the critically (Harp, Texas Songrwriter & Gutiar Player) acclaimed Get it Wrong It's Alright with producer, Casey Diiorio. Did you know that that record has had a very busy time of it on TV? In the last year songs from that record have been on...
ABC & ABC Family (Lost & Three Moons over Milford)
CBS (The Ghost Whisperer)
MTV (Just about any stupid reality show, which is just about all of their "music" programming)
Comedy Central (I'm not sure which shows but we heard together once and yelled HOORAY!)
VH1 (Not Behind The Music, thank God.)
Some of you are now just a little impressed and are voting...NOW!
OK, now...who have we here? Some of you are only reading this far because you are polite and want to finish this long thing but are feeling a little harassed by me and my asking for your important vote. I will wrap it up with a quick list/summation of the reasons why Marc Solomon (under dog, under the radar) deserves your vote.
#1 Hometown Boy Done Good: He is a rock veteran (Zane Grey, The Clowns, Perfect, Clumsy and now, Solly) who has not only survived L.A. & New York, but come home to "bloom where he was planted".
#2 Mr. Solomon's Opus: He proves George Bernard Shaw WRONG by illustrating that those who that CAN...TEACH!!!
#3 Marc as Johnny Appleseed: He is actively planting the seeds that will grow and bloom into even more great music. His passion, dedication and hard work in music production and education here in Dallas will "pay it forward" by broadening the horizons of the young people who are influenced directly by him and our wonderful teachers. Marc visits DISD schools numerous times a year preaching the word of MUSIC. (I went with him to Gooch and got teary eyed on four separate occasions that day. It was magic. Please see attached thank you letters and you'll have but a glimpse as to why it was so wonderful.)
#4 Marc Super Stealth Super Star: His music has been heard by millions. They may not know it is his music...but you know what I mean. Let's give a little of the recognition he deserves. As anyone who owns a copy of Get It Wrong, It's Alright will attest, this guy is amazing.
#5 Marc Is The Hardest Working Man In Show Business: He is on the phone everyday before I have even thought about coffee. He keeps a million plans, requests & schedules in his head at once and USUALLY maintains his wonderful good humor throughout it all. He can tell you without much trouble when Johnny's soccer practice ends, when Sara's SAT prep course starts and then have them jamming in time for the concert. Stunning to behold!
#6 Marc Vows To Finally Fix The Pothole Problem In Dallas: That is of course a joke, and I hope that those of you who have stuck it out with me this far, are smiling.
So, please vote for Marc! Love to you all!
Thanks to everyone of you! And I hope to dance with you at the Soul Show May 25th, at the Sons of Hermann Hall!
Mary Armstrong Solomon
Vice President
1203 N. Haskell Ave.
Dallas, TX 75204
(214) 826-7735

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

DOMA 2007 preliminary ballot -

Dallas Observer Music Awards...

Those four words make me think of a few things such as
1. recognition for our local musicians right here at home
2. awareness for the public of who's out there in Dallas making great music
3. marketing potential (hey, I book shows, so it helps!)
4. frustration. very LARGE amounts of frustration. First, it's impossible to find ANY info about the music awards on the Observer's website. WTF? Can I preview the categories? No. I have to actually vote to figure out what they are (they can change from year to year). Has anyone from the Observer written anything this year promoting the ballot? Apparently not. So, I relied on my friends' posts and emails about their picks to help me with mine. I'd link you, but basically it's condensed below. Vote, please: DOMA 2007

Think of voting today like the primaries; you don't get to decide who wins, but you can get your choice on the ballot. These are my suggestions. Some I voted for, some I went "DOH!" when I saw them on friends' suggestions, so you gotta make up your mind.

Best Act in Town: The Crash That Took Me, Sorta, The Chemistry Set, Happy Bullets, Radiant (no more *), Airline, Shibboleth
Musician of the Year: Chris Holt, Salim Nourallah, Marc Solomon, Eric Pullido (Midlake)
Best Album: Sorta's Strange and Sad But True, Jayson Bales Cruel and Unusual, The Chemistry Set Blue Monsters, Boca Tinta rec's JD Whittenburg's new CD, JD Whittenburg, but I haven't heard it yet, so I'll put it here on her word, which is quite reliable. Guess it's a trip to Good Records for me, asap.
Best Song: "Our Love" – Red Monroe (with excellent production by Junius Recording Co.), "New Hope PA" - Chemistry Set, "85 Feet"- Sorta
Best New Act: Airline, The Valentines, (Boca Tinta rec: The Felons, whom I also haven't heard yet; I must get out soon), The Crash That Took Me, JD Whittenburg
Best Country/Roots: Telegraph Canyon, Jayson Bales, Theater Fire
Best Cover Band: Blaze of Glory (Bon Jovi). Hard Nights Day: I love you guys, but really, you can't have this award EVERY year.
Best Folk/Acoustic: Sarah Jaffe, Chase Willett, Doug Burr
Best Jazz: Shelley Carroll/Sheldon Wright Quintet
Best Indie-Rock: Red Monroe, St Vincent, Midlake
Best Experimental: Tree Wave, Mom (don't know them, either, just taking Travis' word on that)
Best Hard-Rock: Record Hop
Best Female Singer: Sarah Jaffe, Camille Cortinas
Best Male Singer: Doug Burr, John Dufilho, Trey Johnson
Best Radio Show: Meat Radio, Uncut K104
Best Music Website/Blog: BocaTinta, The Fine Line
Best Record Label: Hit Records, Kirtland Records, Idol Records
Best Producer: Salim Nourallah, Chris Bell, Lindsay Graham, Stuart Sikes
Best Live Music Venue: Club Dada, Palladium, Deep Ellum Live, Bend Studio, The Cavern, Sons of Hermann Hall, The Granada

Looking over that list, while it's not exactly a comprehensive guide to the Dallas scene, but it's a good start. You're going out on Saturday night and want to hear some music? Check to see if any of the above are playing. You're a band and need to know the decent venues to play in Dallas? Call those bookers first (if you can get in). You're ready to record your album? Any of those producers will give you a quality product. Etc. Etc. You see where I'm going with this post; quality over quantity and the key insiders in DFW music, listed above. Just know, there's lots and lots of great people who aren't listed. Music is Dallas is worth listening to!

Ian Moore at the Rockyard in FW

I know, I know... I haven't posted in forever. Sorry. I've been sidetracked by fun assignments and lots and lots of editorial photography and loving it. However, this popped into my inbox, and we all know how much I love Ian Moore:

at THE ROCK YARD on MAY 25th

Critically acclaimed, guitarist and songwriter, Ian Moore, performs a rare full band show at the Rock Yard on Friday, May 25, 2007.

In the 90’s, Ian Moore gained national attention stemming from the roots rock scene of Austin, Texas. With 6 Top 20 Billboard singles to his credit, he has opened full North American tours for the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, ZZ Top and in 2005, Paul Weller. Now hailing from Seattle with six albums and a seventh on the way, Moore has shed the blues guitar mantle for more diverse stylings. Moore is a prolific multi –instrumentalist and songwriter whose influences of Brit pop, Psychedelia, Roots Rock, and Gospel along with his signature vocals and incisive, character driven lyrics meld to create his ever evolving eclectic style.

Billboard raves, "He doesn't fly with angels; he dances with devils."

Be among the first to hear songs from his new album,"To Be Loved" on Justice Records, slated for release August 14th. Backed by a stellar band including Kullen Fuchs on trumpet, keys and vibraphone, Rebecca Young on bass and Kyle Schneider on drums,
featured songs will include the Beatlesque stylings of "House up on the Hill", the sparkly pop rock and driven percussion of title track, "To Be Loved" and signature guitars on "Innocent Maneuvers."

Metroplex favourites and Dallas Observer's 2006 Best Overall Act winner Sorta, join us to round out the night. Don't miss this opportunity to see Ian Moore with his full band in concert for a riveting show that Pop Culture Press calls,
"...a layered, emotionally entrancing live set."

This will be a great show with Sorta opening. Their new CD, Strange and Sad But True is one of the best albums put out this year. If you're in Ft. Worth, you can't miss this show. If you're not, I have one word: Roadtrip!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"Damn Bean"... or what's your anagram Band Name?

Adam Pierce * has the best one, but I could make do with
Calmer Kayak (too outdoorsy) or
Karma Lackey (too New Age-y) or
Mica Teak (very singer-songwriter-ish)
but I think "A Tack Meekly" probably has enough of a twist to get me some indie cred. What's your anagram band name? Got anything good?

*Read a friend's review on Brainwashed.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

No Pabst, no Parliments... how about Fat Tire and a seat on the patio?

Highlands Cafe Concerts at the Cafe begins again! One Saturday night each month, this little restaurant will feature acoustic artists playing all original music. Highlands Cafe is an interesting place. Twenty neighborhood investors, mostly families that live within five miles of the Cafe, revamped a failed bakery in a small strip mall. It's very much a destination venue; if you weren't coming there specifically, you never know it existed. The food is good, ranging from veggie burgers to grilled salmon dinners and steak nachos that are amazing. It's worth the trip for the food alone. Of course, being a restaurant, the Cafe is non-smoking, and being in suburbia, it closes early, by 10pm. Performers usually bring along their families and kids and grandparents and aunts who would never, ever go see them play in Deep Ellum. The vibe is relaxed. Beer and wine are served, as well as the best cake and brownies you ever had.

This Saturday, 3/31, 8-10pm, Valentino will record their new acoustic album at The Cafe. I love Valentino for their acoustic Muse and Killers covers, but they won't be playing those this weekend. Instead they want ambient sounds behind acoustic versions of their own indie lament, "Pabst and Parliments," and I keep kidding them about a jam version of "Cosmonaut." Take a listen on their myspace page, you'll hear why that's probably not that likely to happen. But, you never know... Come, and make some noise for them! You can buy the CD later this year and say you're on a just-released rock-n-roll album. Your hipster cred will go through the cubicle ceiling. heh.

Anyway, good beer, wine, burgers and fine food. And this Saturday, music @ Highlands Cafe. See you then....

Highlands Cafe
9661 Audelia in Lake Highlands
(Audelia & Walnut Hill)

More about the artists this season, just in case Saturday you've got plans (all text shamelessly stolen from their websites)...

03/31/2007 08:00 PM - Valentino records their new acoustic CD at Highlands. Come, make some chatter for them! Dallas-based rock band Valentino got their start in October 2004, when four long-time friends from different musical backgrounds suddenly found themselves without a band at the same time. The result was the harmonious blend of indie rock, blues and punk that has made Valentino a local favorite. After gaining attention in the local music scene for their eclectic sound and ability to mesmerize a crowd, the four-piece rocknroll group began traveling to music venues across the state. Valentino recently shared the stage with notable Texas-based rockers Los Lonely Boys in their home-town of San Angelo.

04/28/2007 08:00 PM - Dylan Sneed
What started as a laid-back sing-along with friends turned into a Saturday night phenomenon. "What I Thought," Dylan's new album is a snapshot of the fun, funky, and folky experience that is a Dylan Sneed live show. Pick one up at the show!

05/19/2007 08:00 PM - Tim Miller
An underground musician who refined his craft over years of performing live, Tim Miller’s music is charged with intense, emotional sounds that convey the personal. Drawing his musical influences from a wide spectrum of artists ranging from Chris Cornell to the Indigo Girls to Stevie Wonder, Miller refined his craft over years of performing live and sings with a conviction that comes from experience.

06/23/2007 08:00 PM - Chris Holt
Chris Holt's songwriting projects include the musical madness that was Olospo and is now known as The Slack...also, he plays in Sorta, Salim Nourallah & The Noise, Johnny Lloyd Rollins, and The Jones Thing...and won a handful of awards recently that he most definitely did deserve.

08/25/2007 08:00 PM - Annie Benjamin is a veteran of the live music scene in Texas with two decades of performances to her credit. She is known for her high energy flute licks, her vocal ability to go from "0 to 180" in the blink of an eye and a unique picking style on her guitar. Her lyrics can be irreverant and silly one minute, poignantly homespun the next.

09/22/2007 08:00 PM - Colin Boyd
The music is pop/rock/folk, which is pretty contemporary. Boyd plays quite a few instruments, including guitars, various percussion instruments, keyboard and accordion... assume this guy’s a big hit out at the Kerrville songwriter festivals (unless his tunes are too pop or something), and since he’s from Plano, he’s a big hit here for sure!

Sunday, March 11, 2007


The Zac Crain for Mayor campaign is in crisis! We have not been able to collect the necessary signatures to get me on the ballot and they are due at 5 p.m. tomorrow. Arragh!IF WE DON'T GET THESE SIGNATURES, I WON'T BE ABLE TO RUN FOR MAYOR. Period. We are having an emergency signature-collecting party tonight at 7 p.m. at the Barley House, 5612 Yale Blvd., Dallas. If you are registered to vote in the city of Dallas, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come out for 20 minutes, have a beer, and sign our sheets. If you can find it, bring your voter registration card with you, too. That would help a ton.I love you guys.ZacP.S. -- Pass this on if you could.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Slack is back!!

The Slack, that stalled project that made me gush back in Aug 2005, is once again a living, breathing band, though its membership has changed. In the fine, long-standing tradition of East Dallas bands, The Slack has rearranged its musical chairs, and reincarnated itself.

They're playing TONIGHT at Sons. Go! It'll be fun, I promise.

and in addition to that, Chris is now playing in Johnny Lloyd Rollins' band, and they are part of the wonderful line-ups at the North by Southwest shows at ellumONSTAGE. Check this out...

The show is on Saturday. The lineup is as follows:
12:00 - Swim Swim
1:00 - Benjamin Del Shreve
2:00 - The Planning Fallacy
3:00 - Love & Reverie
4:00 - Kingfish
5:00 - Smile, Smile
6:00 - Johnny Lloyd Rollins
7:00 - Salim Nourallah
8:00 - Hendrick
9:00 - Polyphonic Spree

I had wanted this post to be long-winded and all gushy about The Slack, but that will have to wait. Leaving on Spring Break. Going to the hinterlands where (gasp!) there is no internet. Will be back, fellow hipsters, in two weeks. Enjoy SxSW and NxSW for me. Nos vemos!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

UNofficial SxSW (or, the real reason to go)

"Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!"
- Hedley Lamarr in Blazing Saddles

I swear, I'm going to make that my annual SxSW quote...

So, you want to go to SxSW but you "forgot" to buy your $500 (with discount) Music badge and your press credentials (and expense account) aren't up to par? I'd say that you officially* don't need one this year. The best stuff is happening outside of the showcases
(I didn't write any of the following, so don't blame me for errors or inconsistencies)...

The UNofficial List of North Texas @ SxSW:

from Stephen Ruiz:
In a Matlock-like turn of events, HOT FLASH! resident DJ Stephen R. will be DJ'ing a Punk-SKA-Dub-Indie set at the Sinister Muse Records and the Lonestar Rollergirl's (did you see their A&E series Rollergirls?) party, "The Biggest Little Party in Austin 2007" on Friday March 16th upstairs at Momo's. Sinister Muse Records' recording artist Graham Isaacson, Treaty of Paris, Dead Town Revival and Omnirox artist The Sterns will perform live. FREE beer and FREE food will be served. Guaranteed to be the best party in Austin - don't miss it! RSVP to

from Goodwin:
Goodwin plays at the Dizzy Rooster (306 E 6th St
Austin, TX 78701) on Saturday March 17th at 8pm, courtesy of the Austin Indie Alliance (
Admission is FREE. FREE! The AIA has showcases going the entire duration of SXSW at the Dizzy Rooster, and all of them are free.)

from Lindsay Graham/Method Entertainment/BandSiteLive/Deck Sachse....
If you're in Austin next week, please be my guest for an afternoon of music and drinking to kick off this year's SXSW conference. I can think of no better way to begin a 5-day binge of debauchery and excess than to start drinking at noon on a Wednesday, watching excellent bands - all for free.
Arthur Yoria
The Mercers
Doug Burr
Pleasant Grove
When: Noon, Wednesday, March 14th
Where: B.D. Riley's, on Sixth St., Austin, TX
Flier: /events/sxsw2007/

from Kirtland Records:
Toadies headlining Stubbs during Interactive. Check the Stubbs calendar. Most likely sold out.
Hourly Radio: Gothimist/Austinist party Wed at mohawk time tba - day party.

from Idol Records:

Black Tie Dynasty will also be playing on Sat. March 17 at 8:00 PM at the FOUR ON THE FLOOR PARTY
located at: 1604 San Antonio Austin, TX (between 15th & 16th)
Free food from Fancy Pants Tamales (vegan & vegetarian)

*Officially by me. Not SxSW endorsed. Or by anyone else, for that matter. But I have excellent taste. And you'll tell me when I don't.

Also, here's the scoop on badges: find a friend with one. You may then join them in line to pick up their badge and they can buy a wristband for you for the going rate of around $150-175. That amount changes every year, so check in with Waterloo Records and see how much wristbands are this year. Or, if you have a really really good friend who lives in Austin and likes lines, they can buy a wristband for you at Waterloo when they are released. The trick is that Waterloo makes the announcement only in the Austin Statesman very very close to the day the bands go on sale and your friend needs to get in line at a very unreasonable hour of the morning. Wristbands sell out within a couple hours. If you're relying on a wristband to get into shows, you need to be in Austin on Wednesday. It's highly unlikely that you'll find one for sale, even with a badgeholder, by Friday night. Do you need a wristband or a badge? Only to get into the hot official shows. Otherwise, you can have a fine fun time and never even go near an official venue.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Plan to Stay Awake (during the Battle of the Bands)

Oh, come on! Headkrack JUST. CAN'T. WIN.
Watch. Then VOTE.

bigDlittled Ddown

Currently, the link to "" is dead, dead, dead. This is because I registered the site's name with, which has apparently started falling apart. Worse, I can't just up and leave--because RegisterFly has imploded, I can't even get the company to enter an "unlock" request so that I can move the site name. For the time being, PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD that the site is still up at ... sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully I can get this resolved before too long. Ugh. -SM

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Pure Talent

Reggie Watts: Out Of Control on Vimeo

Not from Dallas, but amazing.

Battle of the Bands!

Fun fun fun for a Tuesday morning. Got an email from one (one?!) of my fav bands that they had been selected to "compete" in Quick's "Battle of the Bands." It's a March Madness-like lineup of all our favorite local bands. WE get to vote on who goes to the next round. The little disclaimer that "you only get to vote once and you can't change your vote"? Wrong!! Keep clicking and watch those percentages add up! I, personally, put Deathray Davies ahead of Headkrack. I consider it my community service done for the day.
Bored at work?

photo: The Deathray Davies, beaten, but not out.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

North Texas does SxSW 2007

It's that time again… here is my annual "Who's Going To SxSW From North Texas" list. I've put in the shows I wouldn't miss in bold, but then, that's my taste in music; it may not necessarily be yours. I'm thrilled for all the bands that have showcases, but there were many many wonderful bands from here that were not offered spots. Why not? Who knows? I mean, where is Sorta? I could go on, but I've spent the morning researching this for y'all, since I can't go to SxSW this year (*sob, sob*) and will also miss everything going on in Dallas the week before. Family trip. Attendance required. Can't get out of it. So, this is for you, and especially that contingent coming over from Manchester, UK. Take the list and have a brilliant time. Without me. =(


North Texas does SxSW:

Weds 3/14

8:45pm Hourly Radio @ Elysium

9p Black Tie Dynasty @ The Tap Room at Six

9p Hogpig @ Bourbon Rocks (rock)

11pm The Theater Fire @ In Music We Trust (followed by Glass Family from Austin – nice bill.)

1a Radiant @ Tag Team

Thurs 3/15

10p Doyle Bramhall for Yep Roc Roots @ Continental Club

10p Carmen Rodgers and Geno Young @ Club One 15

11p Keite Young @ Club One 15

12:45a Faktion for BMI @ Club de Ville

1a Fair to Midland for Universal Republic @ Eternal

Friday 3/16

7p Ray Sharpe @ Opal Divine's (alt country)

8p St Vincent for Billions Corp @ Antone's

10p Bosque Brown @ Hilton Garden Inn

10p The Mullens @ Habana Patio

10p The Drams for New West @ The Parish (Rock)

10:30p Money Waters @ Visions (Hip Hop)

12:45a Bobby Patterson @ Opal Divine's (R&B)

TBA The Polyphonic Spree for Paste @ Austin Music Ballroom

TBA Play-N-Skillz @ Beauty Bar Patio

Saturday 3/17

8p-2a Dallas Hip Hop night @ Visions with PPT on at 9:30p (Hip Hop)

9p The Strange Boys @ Blender Bar (Rock/Punk)

10p Kristy Kruger @ The Tap Room (singer-songwriter)

11p Robert Gomez for Bella Union @ Buffalo Billiards (Rock)

12a Midlake for Bella Union @ Buffalo Billiards (Rock)

12a Nayrok @ Club One 15 (R&B)

11p Eisely @ La Zona Rosa (Rock) with a special guest after and…

1a "Thee Spree" ?! Polyphonic? @ La Zona Rosa

1a Bowling For Soup @ Maggie Mae's

Sunday 3/18

No official shows of North Texas artists.

Other Notables

The Cincinnati contingent:

Thurs 10p The Sundresses @ Lava Lounge Patio

Fri 10:30p Buffalo Killers @ Beerland

Fri 10p Six Parts Seven @ Maggie Mae's (experimental)

Fri 1a Nocturnal Collective @ BD Riley's


Artists I love and showcases that you shouldn't miss:

Sun 8p Astronautilus @ Emo's Jr (alt hip hop… not kidding)

Weds 12a Experimental Aircraft @ Blender Balcony (dreamy rock)

Weds 11p The Mountain Goats @ Emo's (Rock)

Weds TBA Har Mar Superstar @ Flamingo Cantina (a trainwreck of a show… so horrible, you can't stop watching)

Weds TBA White Ghost Shivers @ Molotov (Jazz? Um, more like Old Tyme Country Jazz)

Thurs 10:30p Sondre Lerche @ Antone's followed by

Thurs 12:30a Sparklehorse @ Antone's (Astralwerks)

Thurs 12a Robbers on High Street and 1a Albert Hammond Jr @ Blender Bar

Thurs 11p Mute Math @ Dirty Dog

Thurs 9p Thomas Dolby @ Elysium

Thurs 11p Octopus Project @ Emo's Main Room with Voxtrot @ 1a

Thurs 11p-1a @ La Zona Rosa What Made Milwaukee Famous, Architecture in Helsinki and Ghostland Observatory

Thurs 12:45p Okkervil River @ Mohawk Patio

Thurs 11p Badly Drawn Boy (only because it's ACOUSTIC) then @ 12a Aqualung!! (exclamation points are mine!!) … all @ Parish for Hotel CafĂ©'s acoustic showcase. Cool.

Thurs 9p Aqualung @ Stubb's (busy night for them) with The Dears and Block Party after. Wristband wearers, prepare to see only this one show bec you're not getting in after 8p.

Fri 10p Duncan Sheik @ Central Presby Church (ok, ok, but I still like him)

Fri 11p Ian Moore @ Continental Club (his annual sxsw show)

Fri 1a Apples in Stereo @ Dirty Dog (with John Dufilho of Deathray Davies on drums!!)

Sat 12a Kid606 @ Beauty Bar (electro)

Sat 11p Daniel Johnston and the Nightmares @ Blender Bar

Sat 8p-1a A Fine Frenzy, Paolo Nutini (*dreamy sigh*), Kings of Leon, Spoon, The Stooges @ Stubbs. Since you wouldn't want to miss the first part of this show, you should arrive at daybreak.


And band names you just can't not go see*:

Holy Fuck

Holy Shit! (sadly, they don't play together)

Sissy Wish

The Grass

Oh no! Oh my!

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

Mittens on Strings

Die!Die!Die! (hey, it's a showcase with those last three – someone has a sense of humor)

Peter, Bjorn, and John (gotta love Swedish bands)

Kissing Tigers

Quien es, BOOM! (from Austin, actually good)

Shapes Have Fangs

Brighton MA (from Chicago IL)

Frightened Rabbit

The Jonbenet (ack!, of course, a Metal band)

I heart Hiroshima

The Hot Puppies


Say Hi To Your Mom

Menomena (ba ba bababa, babababa bababa ba)


These Arms Are Snakes

Les Brestfeeders

Menwhopause (from India, I wonder if they get the possibly inadvertent humor in this?)

Alabama Thunderpussy

Psychedelic Horseshit

Get cape. Wear cape. Fly.

The Crack Pipes

The Woggles

Apostle of Hustle

The Ugly Beats (are they poets, or just unattractive musicians?)

Flaming Arrows Mardi Gras Indians (from NO LA, of course)

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

The Femurs (they should play with The Lemurs)

The Tragically Hip

Deaf in the Family (I heart hip hop humor)

Michael Zapruder's Rain of Frogs (not a Dallas band)

The Sippy Cups

Fake Problems

*all band names are actual bands on official sxsw shows. And they might actually be decent musicians.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Don't go to this show

Please don't go to Good Records on Sunday. No one you need to see is playing the instore. Yup, that's right, just move along. Nothing to see there. Please find something else to do. No worries, it'll be a beautiful day for, oh, I dunno... biking, kayaking White Rock Lake, bathing the cat... just don't go to the instore. That's right. No instore. There's a rumor it was cancelled.

But, if you MUST, and I will be very unhappy with you, you can find out what WON'T be happening here.

(I hate crowds.)

Fun with Poor David!

This March, I will move into Poor David's, if Dave gives me a break on the rent. Look at this schedule... I mean, LOOK at it! wow...


Monday, February 12, 2007

Inspired by .... Ansen Seale

It's not Photoshop. And it's not mine, either. All the photography on this blog is mine, except this image, Temporal Form No.8. This is so wonderful, beautiful, inspiring, I need to make an exception and post this work. Ansen Seale, the brilliant photographer/artist/geek (you don't mind if I call you that, do you? I mean it in the best sense) developed a camera that takes slits of images, only one pixel wide. 1 pixel. For those of you not in the digital world, that's not at all wide. First he used to it record panoramic landscapes and virtual tours, then he noticed that artifacts or mistakes happened when something moved in front of the camera. He exploited the camera's inadequacies and found a new reality. He is the Dali of photography. Enjoy more at

Thanks to Kettle Art for the show!
image posted with permission. don't steal. ask.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

back soon, I promise.

Good Lord, I'm being like dconstruction. But I'm not promising a post anytime soon, just saying I'm busy with the non-posting parts of life and this hiatus will end sooner or later. I'm striving for quality over quantity. Is it working?

Friday, February 02, 2007

Gypsy closes?!?!

My internet goes down for a week and this happens? Horrors!

Click to watch the CBS video of an interview with Robert Wilonsky.

Wilonsky is a former Music Editor at the Observer, and still an editor there. He cares passionately about music in Dallas and Dallas music. If you don't know the difference, watch the video.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Brit Pop Ian Moore!? Say it is so!

Ian Moore, heartthrob to the alternative clique, makes his way back to David Card's Poor David's Pub. I love the name of that bar, and though David might could use a bit of cash, but he certainly makes his guests welcome. The place is outfitted with comfy primary-colored plastic chairs that probably were pilfered from a high school library back in about '86 or so, tables for everyone, and a loooooong bar, so you're easily served. Watch your bar tab, though, because the barkeeps don't want David to stay poor.

Anyone who dines at Amuse before the show, let me know how it is. I've heard yummy things about the food there. Can't beat a great restaurant across the street from a great venue.

Good news, Ian's working on a new album! You can pre-order it from his website around April and is slated for release this summer. This album will be less acoustic than 2004's daydreamy and sultry Luminaria and is heavily influenced by Brit Pop. Think Nick Lowe and Scott Walker. He will be performing a couple of his new unreleased songs at the show.

Ian Moore
with Adam Hood
Poor David's Pub
near South Side Lamar
Thursday 2/1
Adam at 8pm, Ian at 9pm

Update: Great show!! Ian and Kullen Fuchs were fantastic. Kullen looks like he has aged ten years on tour tour with Mr. Moore, which is good. We'll need to call him "Mr. Fuchs" now because the boyish charm has been replaced with manly good looks. And, wow, is he ever talented. I can't believe that just the two of them can generate so many layers of sound.

As for the new album, Ian says it's more David Bowie-influenced. Which means that the next and the next albums after this one will travel in directions he hasn't yet explored. That is the brilliance and beauty of Ian Moore's music. As soon as you'd like to peg him into a style or a genre, he turns 180 degrees, yet it is still stamped with his unique style.
"I'm lucky in that I can do anything," he says. No sir, we're lucky that you choose to do everything. I cannot wait until the new CD is released. Here's hoping for some demos to head my way!

hint hint

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

There's Life in Deep Ellum... who knew?

OK, so it seems as if I'm the last blogger to blog about the new church/music/art/spirit complex that has popped up over on Taylor Street in Deep Ellum. The official opening was Saturday, but Thursday's show is a must-see. First, I bet all the kinks are worked out from the very first night and the staff has it down pat now, second because Salim Nourallah and Johnny Lloyd Rollins are playing. Johnny's got a new band, and it's quite interesting. They call themselves the All-Nighters (even though they're playing a show that starts at 8p and will be done before midnight) and it's Eric Swanson, formerly of Fishing For Comets and recently hanging with JLR at most shows, Joey McClellan of The Valentines and Tripp Fontaine (there's a joke in there from Eric that I don't get). Also, John McIntire who used to beat the skins for the likes of Record Hop is doing the same for the All-Nighters. In case you don't know who Salim and JLR are, relative to music in the coming Aughties, that's sort of like saying John Lennon and Elvis are on stage together. Well, OK, if you shut your eyes and have a few beers it is. Oops! Life in DE's venue, ellumONSTAGE is dry, in keeping with their spiritual bent. You may get quite caffeinated at Mokkah, but no altering your mindset otherwise. With Salim and Johnny are Airline, Robby Holley's great band, and The Hero Factor (aka Radiant from Oklahoma). Overall, it's a night for quite a few "Hallelujahs!"

Life in Deep Ellum ellumONSTAGE
2803 Taylor (from Good Latimer, pass Commerce, turn left on Taylor)
$10 advance/$12 @ door, all ages (duh)
tix can be bought at Good Records

photo: Johnny Lloyd Rollins with red guitar, Salim Nourallah at the Granada.