Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Battle of the Bands!

Fun fun fun for a Tuesday morning. Got an email from one (one?!) of my fav bands that they had been selected to "compete" in Quick's "Battle of the Bands." It's a March Madness-like lineup of all our favorite local bands. WE get to vote on who goes to the next round. The little disclaimer that "you only get to vote once and you can't change your vote"? Wrong!! Keep clicking and watch those percentages add up! I, personally, put Deathray Davies ahead of Headkrack. I consider it my community service done for the day.
Bored at work?

photo: The Deathray Davies, beaten, but not out.


postmastabiotch said...

ok.. I have posted this all over and sent out emails..

This voting is totally confusing.. you arent voting deathray davies against headcrack..

you are voting for the match of them against shanghai 5 and play n skillz..

at least thats what it looks like..

this doesnt make any sense.. plus nothing happens when you push a vote button.. so you dont know if you have voted or not..

please someone explain this????

KatieMac said...

No, I think it's like a bball matchup. Whoever wins between the two bands goes on to battle the next round. So, let's say Deathray and Shanghai win, then they battle each other to continue on.

When I pushed the "vote" button, I imediately got a result: Deathray 51% vs Headcrack 49%.

KatieMac said...

The vote button is placed in a misleading spot. In the next round, the winners (ie. Deathray and Shanghai) of this week's matchup will be listed on the line that vote button is sitting on.