Sunday, September 30, 2007

An Acoustic Tribute to Carter Albrecht

Please come out on Thursday, October 11th, 8-11pm, to White Rock Coffee for an acoustic show of the music of Carter Albrecht. Thanks to Chris Holt, Manya of Blue Petal, Jayson Bales, and other friends of Carter, for playing. Come hear his songs, Sparrows revisited, and Sorta's music, all projects that Carter either headed or was intimately involved in. Come to remember this amazing talent, and a good man taken from us too soon. Donations will benefit the Carter Albrecht Music Foundation.

White Rock Coffee House is located at:
10105 E. Northwest Hwy. (at Ferndale)
Dallas, Texas 75238

Click here for a map to our location.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Wall of Sound 2006 video

This was 2006. I can't wait for 2007. This weekend, LaGrave Field. Come to the photobooth to be in next year's video!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A tribute to ... ?

My friend is right. I have no clue who Jellyfish is (was?). They clearly were big during that black period when I was living in a Third World country. It was fun, but it left me with a large gap in my musical knowledge, unless you count Mana. Chris Machart, however, does know who Jellyfish is, and he likes them. So much so that when his band was asked to contribute to Not Lame's Jellyfish tribute, Sensory Lullaby, they picked "All I Want is Everything," a song that ought to be discovered by the disaffected in, say, Highland Park. Take a listen; scroll down to Song #4 at the bottom of the link or hit Millicent Friendly's MySpace. The lovely John Solis played drums and sang on this, too. If you're a Jellyfish fan, check it out.

I think maybe I should catch up a bit on my '90s rock history. Speaking of, wonder if Bill's has a good used copy of Wowee Zowee?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hourly Radio on tour

I <3 Hourly. Search this blog for old interviews with them when they weren't nothin' but pups. Now they're off to CMJ and such. Mama's so proud.

NOV 03 :: ALZHEIMER'S ASSOC MEMORY WALK (Dallas, TX) ***NOT A SHOW more info here ***
NOV 06 :: DALLAS, TX @ CLUB DADA with IAMX (features the amazing Chris Corner, former Sneaker Pimps)

Yeah, baby! "Official Photographer"

You MUST attend. Stop by the booth and I'll snap ya.

Midlake at WOS '07 @ LaGrave Field 9/22

Considering that they fly in from the UK on 9/15, and play in both Ft. Worth and Denton, I guess it's fine that Midlake skips playing Dallas proper. Of course, you WILL have to come out to the Wall of Sound. I mean, why on earth would you miss that?

Midlake Texas tour dates:
September 16, 2007 - AUSTIN, TX @ AUSTIN CITY LIMITS
September 20, 2007 - HOUSTON, TX @ NUMBERS
September 21, 2007 - DENTON, TX @ DAN'S SILVERLEAF

photo: Midlake at last year's Wall of Sound Festival in Ft. Worth.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sorta live @ the Granada Theater in Dallas Tx

Carter Albrecht, 1973-2007, on keys at far left.

Trey Johnson :: vocals, guitars
Danny Balis :: bass, vocals
Trey Carmichael :: drumset
Carter Albrecht :: keys, guitars, vocals
Ward Williams :: pedal steel, slide guitar
Chris Holt :: guitars, keys, vocals, drums, etc etc etc.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Benefit for Cory @ Dada 06.04.05 Carter

carter, once more.

Good words from Cindy here. Danny Balis (Sorta) tells it as he sees it there.

A tribute to Carter Albrecht

Because there aren't words... goodbye, Carter.

At the Barley House, he walked up to me, shoved his fist into my stomach and said, "You sing from here. It comes from your gut," and gave me a shot of Jaeger and sent me up on stage. He was imposing and talented, swaggering and aloof, brilliant and kind. His death leaves a hole too large.