Thursday, September 13, 2007

A tribute to ... ?

My friend is right. I have no clue who Jellyfish is (was?). They clearly were big during that black period when I was living in a Third World country. It was fun, but it left me with a large gap in my musical knowledge, unless you count Mana. Chris Machart, however, does know who Jellyfish is, and he likes them. So much so that when his band was asked to contribute to Not Lame's Jellyfish tribute, Sensory Lullaby, they picked "All I Want is Everything," a song that ought to be discovered by the disaffected in, say, Highland Park. Take a listen; scroll down to Song #4 at the bottom of the link or hit Millicent Friendly's MySpace. The lovely John Solis played drums and sang on this, too. If you're a Jellyfish fan, check it out.

I think maybe I should catch up a bit on my '90s rock history. Speaking of, wonder if Bill's has a good used copy of Wowee Zowee?

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carissa said...

o god, you don't know who jellyfish is?!!! i have two discs to start educating you with. :)