Friday, December 21, 2007

Best of 2007 in Dallas' music

2007 was an odd year.

I thought I'd been so busy I missed out on great music. Didn't get out to get those fantastic albums that were made this year. Then I realized, nope, that wasn't it. There wasn't all that much made this year.

There was no whittling done on this year's list. A good bit of scrounging, rather.

Best of 2007...
The BEST...
1. Carter Albrecht's unreleased album
2. Doug Burr's On Promenade
By far these two albums, one of which doesn't even yet exist, are the CDs you should have. You must have. You should get right. now. when you can, that is.

The rest...
Very good choices here:
3. The Slack's Wishful Sinking (also winning "best album title" and "best photos for an album" heh.)
3. Red Monroe, Policia! Policia!
4. The Crash That Took Me's Orchestrated Kaleidoscopes
5. Salim Nourallah's Snowing in My Heart

And the ones I don't know much about (heard it, don't have it, must be hooked up; please? send?)because my head was stuck in the sand a bit this year. busy busy. But these are good listens, from the buzz and the five minutes I had with some songs. So, on faith, I'm recommending these for your Christmas wish list. No coal in your stocking:
6. St. Vincent's Marry Me
7. JD Whittenburg, JD Whittenburg
8. Lovie, Harshmellow

Not even 10 for the best of 2007. Ah, let's hope 2008 is a better year for music in Dallas.