Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Brit Pop Ian Moore!? Say it is so!

Ian Moore, heartthrob to the alternative clique, makes his way back to David Card's Poor David's Pub. I love the name of that bar, and though David might could use a bit of cash, but he certainly makes his guests welcome. The place is outfitted with comfy primary-colored plastic chairs that probably were pilfered from a high school library back in about '86 or so, tables for everyone, and a loooooong bar, so you're easily served. Watch your bar tab, though, because the barkeeps don't want David to stay poor.

Anyone who dines at Amuse before the show, let me know how it is. I've heard yummy things about the food there. Can't beat a great restaurant across the street from a great venue.

Good news, Ian's working on a new album! You can pre-order it from his website around April and is slated for release this summer. This album will be less acoustic than 2004's daydreamy and sultry Luminaria and is heavily influenced by Brit Pop. Think Nick Lowe and Scott Walker. He will be performing a couple of his new unreleased songs at the show.

Ian Moore
with Adam Hood
Poor David's Pub
near South Side Lamar
Thursday 2/1
Adam at 8pm, Ian at 9pm

Update: Great show!! Ian and Kullen Fuchs were fantastic. Kullen looks like he has aged ten years on tour tour with Mr. Moore, which is good. We'll need to call him "Mr. Fuchs" now because the boyish charm has been replaced with manly good looks. And, wow, is he ever talented. I can't believe that just the two of them can generate so many layers of sound.

As for the new album, Ian says it's more David Bowie-influenced. Which means that the next and the next albums after this one will travel in directions he hasn't yet explored. That is the brilliance and beauty of Ian Moore's music. As soon as you'd like to peg him into a style or a genre, he turns 180 degrees, yet it is still stamped with his unique style.
"I'm lucky in that I can do anything," he says. No sir, we're lucky that you choose to do everything. I cannot wait until the new CD is released. Here's hoping for some demos to head my way!

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