Thursday, January 11, 2007

Friday Jan 12 Your "To Hear" List - Kristy Kruger and Red Monroe

Only two things to do:
1. Kristy Kruger's benefit show at Opening Bell (aka Standard and Pours)
2. Method's showcase with Red Monroe at Sons of Hermann Hall

more info:

The War at Home

Kristy Kruger copes with her brother's death the only way she knows how

By Darryl Smyers

I can’t think of a single thing better to do, than an overwhelming show at Opening Bell: and support this family. Whether you are a Bush supporter like Bill or Mike, or a hopeless opponent fo the war like me, we can all agree that these families deserve our support:

A personal note from Kristy..."for my brother Eric John Kruger who was killed in Iraq Nov. 2nd 2006. This day is his birthday. Please come down so myself and my family can feel something joyful on his birthday. It will be a tough day for us all. We will pass a donation jar, portions which will go to a fund for his children. My brother left behind four children, and his wife Sara. If you are unable to make the show and in a financial position to do so, please consider making a donation to my brother's memorial fund. Any amount is fine and all contributions are greatly appreciated." Make payable to "The Memorial Fund for Children of LTC Eric Kruger" The Memorial Fund for Children of LTC Eric Kruger 4850 Langdale Way Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Saturday at Opening Bell, It’ll be great music too.

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