Tuesday, January 23, 2007

There's Life in Deep Ellum... who knew?

OK, so it seems as if I'm the last blogger to blog about the new church/music/art/spirit complex that has popped up over on Taylor Street in Deep Ellum. The official opening was Saturday, but Thursday's show is a must-see. First, I bet all the kinks are worked out from the very first night and the staff has it down pat now, second because Salim Nourallah and Johnny Lloyd Rollins are playing. Johnny's got a new band, and it's quite interesting. They call themselves the All-Nighters (even though they're playing a show that starts at 8p and will be done before midnight) and it's Eric Swanson, formerly of Fishing For Comets and recently hanging with JLR at most shows, Joey McClellan of The Valentines and Tripp Fontaine (there's a joke in there from Eric that I don't get). Also, John McIntire who used to beat the skins for the likes of Record Hop is doing the same for the All-Nighters. In case you don't know who Salim and JLR are, relative to music in the coming Aughties, that's sort of like saying John Lennon and Elvis are on stage together. Well, OK, if you shut your eyes and have a few beers it is. Oops! Life in DE's venue, ellumONSTAGE is dry, in keeping with their spiritual bent. You may get quite caffeinated at Mokkah, but no altering your mindset otherwise. With Salim and Johnny are Airline, Robby Holley's great band, and The Hero Factor (aka Radiant from Oklahoma). Overall, it's a night for quite a few "Hallelujahs!"

Life in Deep Ellum ellumONSTAGE
2803 Taylor (from Good Latimer, pass Commerce, turn left on Taylor)
$10 advance/$12 @ door, all ages (duh)
tix can be bought at Good Records

photo: Johnny Lloyd Rollins with red guitar, Salim Nourallah at the Granada.


postmastabiotch said...

actually the tickets are 10 dollars in advance.. 12 at the door

Anonymous said...

John Lennon and Elvis, huh? Really.

KatieMac said...

Well, I'm a little prone to hyperbole, but yeah, kinda (you know, with the beers and all). If you miss seeing either Salim or Johnny live while you can, in ten years, you'll have regrets. I swear; no hyperbole. These guys are benchmarks on the Dallas music scene. Salim may even be a benchmark for indie rock, period. Already he has had influence far beyond his recording studio. Stop doubting, come. You can decide for yourself.

Jim said...

Frankly, I think that John Lennon and Elvis would agree with you. Salim's talent is other-worldly. I have been in the lucky circumstance to be under his tutelage from time to time and I can tell you first hand that the man is a goddamn double genius. If I arrived at the venue to find it on fire, I'd still check inside first to see if Salim was going to go on.