Friday, October 05, 2007

Hey, geeky friends! U <3 Thunderbird?

Gmail, our love affair has been good, but we've stagnated. I'm just not getting what I need out of our relationship, namely: folders. As Paolo Nutini says, "sure I can accept that we're going nowhere," but now it's time for me to move on. There's this other email program, and I know, I know, it's been good between us, but you just can't keep up. Let's part amicably. We'll always be friends. Honest.

Anyone out there use Thunderbird? Like it? Don't like it? Lemme know.


Anonymous said...

What about GMail's labels? They're like folders, but better.

daniel said...

It's sad to see someone leave the fold. Labels + search > folders.

Thunderbird is good if you can't leave the ol' skool desktop model email client.

KatieMac said...

Labels aren't really like folders. For some reason, my brain resists tagging and labeling, but has no issues dragging and dropping. I've never once searched for something by label, because I know that haven't labeled half of the relevant emails. Labels are useless to me. Why can't I have folders (which are visual) AND search?

Anonymous said...

Aside from the dragging and dropping, I'm not sure what the substantive difference is between (the way you want to use) folders and (how you can use) labels.

You can't drag and drop in Gmail, but you can select a label from a drop-down list to apply it to a given email. Seems just as easy to me. And you don't have to perform a search to find all emails with a certain label. You can simply select from the list of labels conveniently provided to you on the left-hand side of the Gmail window, which for all intents and purposes, might as well be a list of folders.

Plus, you have the added advantage of being to apply more than one label to any given email, which is essentially like having an email exist in multiple folders simultaneously.