Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dallas Observer Music Awards 2007 (DOMA)

I'm not seeing this posted elsewhere (I could be wrong; I didn't search for it very hard), so I'm posting it here. And yes, I skipped some categories, sorry. I'm really happy about the inclusion of Johnny Lloyd Rollins, St. Vincent, and Smile Smile this year, and the whole Best New Act list is well worth listening to.

(pic: The Slack, nominated for Best New Act, play at Sons of Hermann Hall.)

2007 DOMA Ballot

Best Act in Town
Von Ehrics
Black Tie Dynasty
The Valentines
Hey Hollywood
Boys Named Sue
St. Vincent

Musician of the Year
Doug Burr
Salim Nourallah
Chris Holt
John Pedigo
Levi Smith (of Radiant, I'm sure they mean)
Daniel Hopkins
Danny Balis
Mark Solomon (Solly)

Best Album
Everybody Has a Dark Side Theater Fire
Baboon Baboon
JD Whittenburg jD Whittenburg
The Hits Boys Named Sue
Tres Monos in Love PPT
Movements Black Tie Dynasty
The Trials of Van Occupanther Midlake
Strange and Sad But True Sorta
We Hope You Win Radiant
Let's Be Poor Together Johnny Lloyd Rollins

Best Song
"Honkytonk if Yer Horny" Boys Named Sue
"Roscoe" Midlake
"85 Feet" Sorta
"Tender" Black Tie Dynasty
"Work It Out" PPT
"These Tears Could Rust a Train" Theater Fire
"Sad Song" Smile Smile
"That Girl" Radiant

Best New Act
Sarah Jaffe
The Slack
Black Tie Dynasty *
Smile Smile
The Crash That Took Me
St. Vincent
Radiant *
Tame... Tame and Quiet

*Dear Observer, these acts aren't new...

Best Country/Roots
Doug Burr
Boys Named Sue
Theater Fire
1100 Springs
Rose County Fair
Maren Morris

Best Folk/Acoustic
Fishing For Comets
Sarah Jaffe
Doug Burr
Smile Smile
The Theater Fire

Best Hard Rock
Max Cady
The Feds
Record Hop
Burden Brothers
Little Big Horn
Exit 380

Best Indie Rock
The Hourly Radio
Red Monroe
The Valentines
Rose County Fair
Johnny Lloyd Rollins

Best Female Singer
Sarah Jaffe
Annie Clark (St. Vincent)
Amy Curnow (Shanghai 5)
Camille Cortinas (Fishing For Comets)
Hope Cassity
Ashley Cromeens (Record Hop)

Best Male Singer
John Pedigo (Rose County Fair, Boys Named Sue)
Doug Burr
Johnny Lloyd Rollins
Cory Watson (Black Tie Dynasty)
Ryan Hamilton (Smile Smile)
Peter Schmidt
Salim Nourallah
Levi Smith (Radiant)

Best Instrumentalist
Eric Neal (The Slack)
Chris Holt (The Slack, Sorta)
John Dufilho (Deathray Davies)
Eddie Thomas (Black Tie Dynasty)
Chad Stockslager (The Drams)
Danny Balis (Sorta)

Best Producer
Salim Nourallah
Ace McNeely
Paul Williams
Matt Pence
John Congleton

Best Radio Show
The Hardline
The Good Show
The Adventure Club
Paul Slavens
Russ Martin

Best Blog
The Fine Line
boca tinta
we shot JR
Gorilla vs Bear

Best Label
Summer Break

Best Live Venue
Club Dada
Sons of Hermann Hall
Double Wide
Gypsy Tea Room (um, dudes, they're closed)
House of Blues

Best Dance Club
Lizard Lounge
Slip Inn


Anonymous said...

Radiant actually won the Best New Artist award at the DOMA's 2 years ago.

KatieMac said...

I'm saying; R*'s been on the scene since 2003? 2004? at least. Not "new". Thanks for doing the research.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Funny that Midlake and Hourly Radio are only on there in like 1 catagory yet they are the only bands from Dallas who are actually really successfull and doing anything of merit. The same old bands (that I dont think are even bands anymore) are nominated for multiple catagories.

1996 Barley House forever!
Sorta rulz! Salim is my hero!

Anonymous said...

i don't understand the reasoning behind the live venue choices either. i've seen way more good shows at rubber gloves or hailey's than adair's or house of blues. and if they say that those are technically denton venues and not dallas venues, i would like to point out that many of those bands nominated are from denton and not dallas.

Anonymous said...

They say the public nominated this thing but I feel it is suspect at best. Just another example of how far The Observer has it's head up it's ass.