Monday, October 18, 2004

Five Minutes with Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol- Dallas, Texas, The Gypsy Tea Room with Eisley, 10/13/04

OK, this is a very short, five minute interview, but ... it's Snow Patrol! yes, I'm a fan...

Nathan Connolly, guitarist.
Aced: “Did you know that Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter, is one of your fans?”
Nathan Connolly: “Yeah, do you know what? I seen that in the NME, actually, yeah. Did see that, really. He said he liked… well, he mentioned bands like the Zutons, the Kings (of Leon), other bands. I did see that, actually, yeah. Well, I mean, a couple of the guys like it, too, Harry Potter. I don’ know, I’ve not read the books personally, but I like ‘em a lot.”

Gary Lightbody, vocalist
Aced Magazine talked to an exhausted and ready-to-go-back-home Gary Lightbody after Snow Patrol’s set at the Gypsy Tea Room in Dallas. Sporting new long curls, Lightbody and crew put on a rocking show for the packed Wednesday night crowd. Be sure to imagine delectable Irish accent now…
Aced: Let’s play ‘free band association’. If I say “Sex Pistols” what’s the first thing that pops into your mind?
Gary Lightbody: Johnny Rotten.
Aced: Pixies?
GL: Ah, yeah, like them.
Aced: Ben Kweller?
GL: Brendan Benson, I don’ know why…
Aced: Travis?
GL: Laughs very amused, and then shakes head, “I got nothing.”

Originally published in Aced Magazine

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