Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The Hourly Radio (EP) Lure of the Underground

(Kirtland Records)

Brave beginning from Dallas band The Hourly Radio, Lure of the Underground is a showcase of influences. Britpop evolved with Southern sentiment, their music is expansive, effusive, and beautiful. Every song is a departure from the previous. The radio-ready, The Strokes meets My Bloody Valentine, “Lost + Found” is pleasing pop waiting to be added to any playlist. But track five, “On and On” made me double-check my iPod to confirm I hadn’t accidentally cued up the Secret Machines. “First Love is Forever” is the slowest; an anthemic, pulsating beginning, but The Hourly Radio end strong with the dreamscapes of the trippy, synthy instrumental “Travelsigns.” The heavily drum and guitar song, “Fear of Standing Upright” is the hook that kept me enthralled with this album. The only inhibition comes from Aaron Closson’s vocals; subdued against the background of screaming riffs of Ryan Short’s guitar, their control and elegance is a flawless juxtaposition against raw animal energy, the human dualism of rationalism and emotionalism perfectly portrayed in a song. With a band this young, Lure of the Underground could easily become a sick addiction.

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