Monday, January 31, 2005

The Strange and True Story of Your Life, Lousy Robot

Lousy Robot The Strange and True Story of Your Life

Lousy Robot is a band that sounds totally different than the way they look. Hearing them, you expect to see ocean-frizzed curly-haired surf punks or maybe ‘60s mods, but instead you get a bunch of good ol’ boys sounding all of nineteen. They play youthful pleasing pop perfect for a sunny afternoon bopping around the pool. It’s the opposite of emo; it’s the happy punk of the late ‘80s with depressing lyrics and fun melodies. “Train Wreck” takes you back to the dance clubs of England circa ’66. It’s got that Monkee-ish bounce to it that makes you wanna do the swim. They even take lyrics of totally awkward small talk and covert it into a song you can immediate sing along with. Recorded at Pleasantry Lane Studios here in Dallas by Salim Nourallah and produced by John Dulfilho, The Strange and True Story of Your Life is their debut album. It’s perfect that they are from along Route 66 because Lousy Robot combines that happy feeling from southern California and mixes it up with some old English beats and heads to the mall. If New Wave is back, this isn’t far behind. Maybe despite the Bush White House, we’re all feeling a bit happy again, just like we were in the days of Reagan. Fuck it, let’s just go dance! To quote Lousy Robot, “La, la! La, la, la, la, la!”

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