Sunday, June 05, 2005

[DARYL] and Black Tie Dynasty: Bloody Basin (Idol)

Idol Record’s Dallas-based [DARYL] and Ft. Worth darlings, Black Tie Dynasty, have crossed the DFW Metroplex to pump out a joint CD that just begs to be tour merchandise. The gruesomely named Bloody Basin actually isn’t at all scary, brimming with songs that are pure pop. If you’re expecting a fusion of the two bands, this ain’t it. Both retain their very individual styles, but bond in what’s basically a songswap. Two collaborative songs begin and end the EP. “Bloody Basin,” played with all ten members of both bands, is the closest to synthesis. Don’t miss their tour just to see this song performed live; that is, if the club’s stage can hold everyone and the sound engineer doesn’t have a meltdown trying to mix two vocalists, three background vocals, two keyboard players, two bass players, and four guitars. Oh yeah, and two drummers? Worth the ticket.

“Gloria” sadly isn’t a cover of the vintage U2 song, but a ballad on which lead singers Cory Watson of Black Tie and Dylan Silvers of [D] are instantly recognizable. Their vocal styles are distinctively different, with Watson the smoother crooner and Silvers stretching out the emotion of his words. Laid over ethereal guitar, “Gloria” ends in a blown breath.

Black Tie’s new tracks bring out more of the group’s inherent darkness, but are as danceable as ever. Watson’s songwriting expresses deep cynicism with elegant lyrics such as “You can’t love like you said you could, and the part that is human is the part that wants to lie,” and “If you can’t say it with feeling, say something revealing now” from “The Letter A.” “Signs” is slightly more hopeful, but nails are still going into coffins. Brian McQuorcodale’s just right keys and Blake McWhorter’s energetic bass strike the bouncy balance with Watson’s pessimism. If you don’t listen too closely to the words, these are fun songs.

[DARYL]’s feedback-rich rock complements their buddy band, just as on the live tour. “Exploding Hearts” is the original contribution and is prime [DARYL] with the chantable one-liner, “If you get too close you might get infected.” Seems that Dylan Silvers still isn’t feeling any more comfortable in his own skin, even after the critical success of their latest full-length album, Ohio. [D] manages to take over “Happy,” the Ned’s Atomic Dustbin cover, and make it punkily their own, thanks especially to the inspired drumming of Michael “Spammie” Lamm.

The product of two original bands having some recording fun together, Bloody Basin doesn’t drip a bit on the floor.

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