Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Millicent Friendly, Downtime

Downtime, Millicent Friendly
Produced by Purple Pear Studios, mixed by Derek Taylor, Dallas TX.

Every now and then, you need a few waa-waa guitars in your evening, a little garage rock to put you on coast, and an infectious lyric to get stuck in your head. Millicent Friendly gets you that rock trip on Downtime, their first EP.

Vocalist and songwriter Chris Machart, formerly of Outer Space Love Project, teams with bassist Peter Wilkins and drummer John Solis (Johnny Lloyd Rollins, Fishing for Comets). Guitarist and shredder Kenny Eakin rounds out the band.

Downtime is a comfortable rock ride. No cowbell, just cool, easy tunes that turn a good lyric. The spoof "Blue Screen of Death," a ditty to play during tuning time at a live show, is the anthem for frustrated computer geeks, a poke at Machart's ending relationship with his Pentium 365. You've been there, staring at the blank blue monitor, thinking, "aw, %^&#." Now, you have a song to sing to your dead PC. Dallas radio DJ, 102.1 The Edge's Chris Ryan plays "Panic Attack" as a local favorite and it's in frequent rotation. I picked "Willow" for my 2005 Year-End highlights as "Most Infectious Song," but any of Machart's tunes easily stick in your head.

Millicent Friendly's sound is like a tasty cheeseburger; it ain't steak, but it's damned good when you want comfort food.

Song highlights: "You," "Willow," "Panic Attack"

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