Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh, Oh, O's!

Can't wait, can't wait! 'til Thursday...

The O's came over to my new studio, before there was even any electricity, and wonderful videographer Alex Kanakis rolled ... um... pixels. No "tape" for us.

Before we got started Taylor (on the left, with mustache) asked me what questions I would ask in our interview, and I went through my usual, "What do you like about Lakewood, where do you hang out, did you grow up in Dallas, when are you releasing the CD, what are you working on now... you know, that sort of thing." He nodded, and Alex began recording. I think I asked them, "What are your favorite places to hang out in Lakewood?" but for twenty minutes after that, I couldn't get in another word, I was laughing so hard. The O's were on a roll. They are Dallas' version of the Smothers Brothers, and the funniest, best FreakFolk* players I know.

You can find the O's everywhere.

*not my terminology. I'd rather go with "PopFolk" if you're asking my opinion.

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