Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Blogs and summer in Deep Ellum

Music in Dallas is as fickle as the weather. Or rather, should I say the online music press is? Just over two years ago, I wrote my first show review for DallasMusicGuide.com, and back then, Paul Salfen's site was about the best game in town. Torr Leonard brought me on as a writer. Then he left and formed his own blog, still one of the best from this city for everything Britpop-related. Cindy and I met each other at the rock shows we were both covering, and she blogged the interviews I wrote for DMG, which was incredibly cool of her. DMG was the site to read for local music news for about the next year, but then Paul sold a majority interest in the site to Rhapsody and the local content, well, kinda went away. By then though, Cindy and I had done a few interviews together at White Rock Coffee, and she had asked me to keep doing stuff with her. Garrison Reid began beating me out of interviews with national bands, which was cool, because his www.IndieInterviews.com is excellent. Out of the local podcast woodwork came dconstruction.org and upped the ante, challenging Cindy and I to gush over our fav musicians just a little less. Sadly, dconstruction has been awfully quiet as of late. When Cindy and I met Mike Orren of Pegasus News, he had a fantastic plan for TexasGigs: merge with his news site and be the end-all of local music sites. But Cindy's now here, at the Fine Line Live, and with a new partner, Amanda Newman. I hope to help them out a little. Amanda & Kim

That was really just a superlong preamble to saying that last Saturday at Club Dada was too much fun. Amanda has a great ear for bands and pulled together a solid line-up of four bands I hadn't yet seen live, and one that rawks! Olospo jams no matter what venue they play. The Jones thing, with Jeff Jones, Eric Neal, and Chris Holt ... brilliant! JJ and the Rogues, Handclaps and Harmonies, Eton Lake Tonic, and Sunday Drive? Never before had I even heard of them, but you can be sure I will keep up on them now. Great stuff.

Sunday Drive began in the bright light of a summer 7pm, and I even took off during their set just to walk around Deep Ellum in the daylight a bit. The band is just jazzy enough to be cool, yet energetic enough not to be boring.

I finally met the elusive (for me anyway) JD Whittenberg and had a pleasant time talking with him and John Solis (of Millicent Friendly and drummer for Johnny Lloyd Rollins) about playing across the pond in the UK. OK, John and JD talked about playing in England; I listened. JD's old band Trainwreck, with Greg Fontanillas and Bruce Johnson (now of Jayson Bales and The Revival), Rob Stave (Boys Named Sue), plus others will get together for a reunion show this Thursday at Dada. Don't miss this one-off show.

The lovely Camille Cortinas stopped by to lend support to friend Eric Neal of The Jones Thing and also Olospo. Chris Holt just happens to be in both of those bands as well. Surprise, surprise.

Handclaps and Harmonies wins as my fav band for the night. Not only were there seven of them in ice cream man white pants and shoes, but their music is also wonderfully fun. I bopped their to '60s-inspired sweet pop.

I must get over to Fort Worth more often (or ever), especially if bands such as JJ and the Rogues are hiding over there. Good music does exist on that side of the Trinity! Plus any band with a Julian Casablancas look-alike is alright by me.

I believe I caught the ghost of Dada on this photo, and he was dancing along as well. Check out behind the guy on the far left. It's freaking me out just a bit.

and last, a gratuitous photo of the lovely door person Kim, 'cause she's just so darn pretty and nice.

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