Friday, September 08, 2006

The blog begins

Etheriousity begins as my personal blog about the people whom I know. It's a showcase for who they are and what we all are doing here. There is no meaning or "meta" here, it's more a random collection of souls bumping into each other, trying to do the least amount of damage possible. Even that poetic sentence is not mine.

I have friends who are brilliant, friends who are quite outspoken, and friends who are beautiful. My mother and I often have discussions about the meaning and connotation of the word "friend"; she believes it should only be used for life-long pals. I, however, come from a more transient era, and will extend it to mean "people with whom I wish to remain or become life-long pals." If you are of my mothers' ilk, please think "acquaintance" whenever I write "friend" - it would make her much more comfortable with us both.

Etheriousity is a made-up word, but it should be real. It adequately describes our transience. We move through each other's "realities" (another borrowed word), and peripherally impact thought and action in unexpected ways. I live as I wish, a rare priviledge, but choose to live as an example. Not only is that quite arrogant, but it also implies a spiritualism I generally don't achieve.

I am a photographer, occassionally a writer (though I haven't done enough of that lately), and was once a scientist. Yeah, I'm not gonna link that. You'll have to take my word for it. I love my local music scene, so this blog is mostly about the music and arts in Texas. Or rather, indie rock and photography in Dallas. I barely know any html, so if you are more technically savvy, please give me a snippet to learn how to do things. I learn quite well in snippets. I'm quite opposed to manuals. This is an interactive blog. If you want it to do other things, you'll need to teach me. I learn quickly.

Posts prior to 09.08.2006 are republished from various sources such as and Venues Magazine, and have been written by me. All photos are mine, unless otherwise credited.

Please comment. Otherwise, I'd have spent my time writing a book, instead of speaking into the ether. And, welcome. I hope we meet in the concrete outside one day.

photo by Hal Samples... voted "Best Soul Glow" by the Dallas Observer 2006. You can see why.

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